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Raise three questions unsordid people like robin brooke's and goldman sachs and we uh on milton friedman and others saying that that was calm and folklore my question was who would sell it to huge big generation of baby boom was to a smaller generation of other people what kind of prices will they get second i want you people are to popularise a question which i've been asking a no one's on so it and the question i'm going to put in the following way you'll says i'm not as you age sixty five you need to retire christie says i've got the best inside line to guard you will die of annual used 85 my simple question to the whole world this twenty years his post retirement how much money do i need for twenty years of post for tom and can anyone on so that question and the on so to me is no because we don't know inflation we don't know healthcare expenses which are msnbc parkinson re influenced we also don't know how gdp growth is going to behave we don't know what's going to happen today quitting premium so i claim that the biggest mistake golf or print governments over the last hundred years has been long term promises made on bbc pensions when no one even can guarantee me what my salary increased next two years is going to be how can you tell me that twenty years later i'm going to get paid x y oh said so fi conch on so questions over longterm whereas zones we should not make longterm promises and this is why beat the drucker in this book unseen revolution the pensions revolution said that these longterm promises on sustainable and that led to the advent and growth dog defined contribution 401 k plans in the us introducing by bloomberg the first and only global news network built for twitter twenty four seven news streaming live on twitter ticktock cic tse lots now so i feel like i'm back at university actually and sitting at a really interesting lecture but i'm on i'm still fascinated by the impact of.

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