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Year is next week. The PGA Championship. Is upon us fruit. Can you give us some thoughts or some handicap or some idea of what? What Tpc Harding Part is like it's located a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean in western San Francisco. And this is, um you T course fruits that I guess I had fell on hard times when they had the The U. S open at the at the Olympic Club that you they used TP see Harding Park, which wasn't TPC Harding Park at the time for a parking lot. There. They actually parking on the fairway there. It's interesting. It's It's one of the now it's one of the country's true municipal golf gems. It's zone by the city, but it's run by the PGA Tour. PGA Tour properties runs it. But it was dates back. Tio, 1925. I believe Designed by Sam Waiting, and Willie Watson, who also did right across the lake from Harding Park is a little place called Olympic Club. They did that They did that one, too, but it's far 72. 7169 yards, depending on how they set it up course rating of 74.3 slope with 1 29 It's uh it got fixed. It was It was trash you as you point out, but the Sandy Tatum from the US, Jake got involved with it and the and let it kind of Ah Renovation Project And now it's Didn't they didn't touch the layout. It'll? They just left the layup alone on DH, spiffed it up and got it back into In the shape, so it's a It's a It's A It's a great golf course it's it's hosted the World Golf Championship. The MX thing at the in 2005 as you may remember that that's Tiger and Daley had a playoff on 16th hold daily missed a three footer Tiger to win. And then it's rumored The daily then took his winnings and went to Las Vegas and lost. It may not be true, but it's a good story. But I'll tell you what it's got that Parkland style feel to have. The greens are a little bit smaller, and the reports from the Gulf writers is the people have been out on the actual property, said that this time of year, the rough is long and juicy. And so maybe driving the ball straight would be a premium held the presidents of two in 2000 and it's not the same interest in golf course goes. The whole front nine is interiors and interior circle and the whole back nine is an exterior circles and 14 through 18 or all right along the lake. So Course it will be. Good test will be interesting to watch. I wanna go around the table on this that we got, like a minute and 1/2 so we gotta go fast. Two of the better players on tour Dustin Johnson and Brooks Kappa are a bit banged up. Some of the other top tier players, for example of Rory really haven't had a game since the tour resumed, Jimmy, Might this be an opportunity to see a rising star reach out and grab a major? Mom, I think there's a good chance at it. But you never know. I mean, it's ah Yeah. Yeah, I think there's a good chance. Michael. What do you think about it was with some of the top tier guys. Maybe not, you know, playing their best right now. Be a chance for a Sean McKeel Tio come out of work and do that. Absolutely. There is no without a doubt with some of those guys, but the PGA is always kind of been more. It seems like a level playing field where you know the cream doesn't always rise to the top. But there's always somebody there. Look at Bob May battling Tiger, The PGA always kind of bring somebody that that isn't as well known there isn't a season on brings them up to the top. So much great. Somebody good young players, though. First I mean is there's guys I think that certainly have The ability and in terms of their skill, Sad Theseventies 22 23 year olds to be able to rise up and win it, Don't you think? Absolutely. And you've got you've got to think about the guys who have won since the tour started back up. Andi, some other guys that were playing good right now, like Tony fee now. Uh, I wouldn't bet against the well rested Tiger. Hey, just might get it up because it's a major. And here I'm giving you a soft ball here. That could be it won't be no hell you'll you'll be on the leaderboard and a day three and then gracefully exit and fade. I was just looking at the betting odds. The Vegas odds. Colin Morikawa is 42 to 1 That seems like a very good bet to me. I think his eyes are better than 42 to 1 to win this thing given how well he strikes the ball. One final minute of the swing doctor forthcoming here and just talk 11 30 W. Not all tests of the same when it comes to testing for the Corona virus. Michael Doherty of any lab tests now in Stirling says consumers need to do their homework. There's two categories right? There's the swab, which is Do I have active? These? That's not an antibody test. Okay, so if you don't have symptoms by and large The only way having this swab is relevant to see if you were just recently contaminate, which is highly unlikely. That's different than antibodies. So any bodies are like you get the flu shot. You build up a defence develop antibodies that shows you've been exposed and our bodies will fight things off, and you never know exactly how affected anybody's. They're going to be because every human beings different Now there's a ton of different antibody testing. You're gonna have to do a little more homework. Basically, you should ask your lab what antibodies test for because there's more than one and you should ask them what they use. For more information, visit Kobe test Virginia dot com or call any lab tests Now at 7034446633 Free I heart radio APP is number one.

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