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Defense needed to do was find room for one final stop single receiver to the right set back to the right side of Terry Goff. Here's the snap. Looking downfield. He steps up on their pressure, he said. Christiane Jerry collapsed on the play with help. I believe from Kenny Clarke. Yes, it has a worker's takeover. 32 18, the final Green Bay's sixth consecutive win, setting up Sunday's NFC championship game against the Buccaneers. The man who will have the call on Sunday, the man behind the highlights. We just played his voice of the Packers. Wayne Larvae. More of that, Wayne. I just have more highlights. Like what? All we just played some running the football and deep shot to Alan Lazard. I'm not picky Throat to MVS if you'd like. The Packers offense is certainly grooving going into the NFC championship game. Yeah, they're playing really well, Greg, especially during the seven game winning streak, You know, very high level and that defense they took apart last week. I mean, they made the Rams look bad, You know 480 some yards of offense against the number one defense. They're not playing as good. A defense overall. This week is they did last week, but this Tampa Bay team is very talented. How do you feel differently Going into NFC Championship game this year versus last I feel the Packers have a better than 50 50 chance of winning. I didn't think they had any chance last year, and I didn't think they had any chance when they got to Atlanta in 2016. You know, I think Super Bowl depth is something weighing that I've noticed, And it's not significant pickups. But it's adding Truman Williams. It's adding Jared Bell dear if he ends up factoring in its adding stacks, Harrison In others. It seems like you have to have Super Bowl death. You have to be able to account for guys who have gone down and the Packers. Maybe in no other area or aspect of the team have done. It is well. As the offensive line that this still to me is maybe the unsung story of the year with this team. Yeah, I would agree, Greg, with all the changes, they've had four different lines that they've had to roll out there. And exactly right. I think the scheme is help, but also, hey, these guys have played well, I mean, You look at Billy Turner and what he's been able to do. Hey, gets over to the hot corner and and you know, he faces the best. Now the Bachtiar ease down and you know, Turner was considered someone know if you've read pro football focus as I do. He was raided the weak spot of the Packers offensive line at right guard last year. Well this year he's a strength on this line because he's played so many different positions. I think the versatility of Elton Jenkins, the All Pro Guard, you know he could play center. He could play either side of the pivot position. He can play tackle. You know these guys, This is really been great. I think the pickup of Rick Wagoner was very good. He's a solid guy who knows how to play in this league, and there was a point in his career. He was the highest paid tackle in the right tackle in the game. So you you're you've got great versatility. I agree with you wholeheartedly. The offensive line has gone unsung this season, but they are the reason why the Packers are where they are. Wait. I know it was a number of weeks ago. It was early in the season. So much has changed since then. But I can't seem to shake the 38 to 10 feeling not that that's going to happen again this weekend, but there are certainly things that Tampa Bay can do. To make life difficult for the Packers. When you look at the matchup and for the NFC Championship game for the one back in week six. What's the biggest difference from the Packers from Week? 62 now? Well, I think Davante Adams said it best They're able to make mortgage in game adjustments. Now they're just further along in the season, they can adjust to things that may or may not happen in the game on the fly and You know, That's one of the one thing. The other factors this what jumped out at me and I watch one pack and watch the game twice the speed of Tampa Bay's linebacking corps and especially even watching last week's game in New Orleans. The speed of Devon White, those two inside linebackers literally destroyed Green Bay single handedly destroyed the Packers. That day. They were all over the field, you know, had like three sacks 18 tackles. It was just amazing. I think that speed When you go outdoors in a cold environment on a field that may be a little bit slick. You know that's going to impact them. They're not going to be. Maybe it's fast as they were that day in Tampa, but they know that 18 tackles 15. So those 2.5 sacks five tackles for loss for quarterback hits. I mean, come on, you know if they play that well Sunday, then God bless them. They're going to the Super Bowl, and they're going to play that Super Bowl game at home. And how many polo is searched? Should I put my suitcase here? Wayne More of a polo community Tampa or is it buttoned down? So I'm just Trying to pack ahead here and just get ready. Yeah, No, it's Jon Gruden used to live there. So you know, not a polo is probably to form Okay. You know, you might want to go with the Hawaiian shirts. That type of thing. Something loud. Okay, Can I borrow something from your closet? Yeah, sure. I've got plenty of loud, You know, you look, I'm not trying to be flip or anything. I just feel more confident about this team. Both teams are streaking. I get it and you could argue both teams are playing their best football of the year and that these are in fact, the best two teams left in the NFL. Brady will handle.

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