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Early and often and however you want to say it featuring him of script in the place to him this? Ah just got to get him the football a lot more. Yes, I think that certainly needs to be in the focus. You know, Probably the guy that I would put second on the list would be Giles Jackson just because of what a dynamic playmaker he is, and you know, he's the kind of guy where you need to get the ball in his hand, and he's just going to go out there and make a play because he is so athletic. He is so fast. Ronnie Bell is kind of like Another number eight kind of Jason about where he's going to be to me, Mr. Mr Dependable, who always be there when when you need him, So you know, it's funny looking at these. I was thinking of Ronnie Bella. Kind of like Jason Avants. Giles Jackson, who happens to wear 15 same as Steve Breaston, and then you know, I was going to say, my, you know, answering your other question. My favorite wide receiver that I've watched in my college football days. You know, staying right here at Michigan was that number one Braylon Edwards part I was in high school my senior year, and that's when he had that great Michigan State comeback game. But, you know, talk about talk about a guy that could do it all. Could could take that slant route could take the ball, you know, over the top. Go up and make those great athletic plays and wasn't just at Michigan State game. You know, I remember one against Iowa, where he literally stole the ball out of the defenders hand and ran it and for a touchdown, So you know we had. We had a great stretch of wide receivers that fit that mold of the big bodied, big playmaking wide receiver. And you know David, Terrell and Marqise Walker, who you know they don't get all necessarily where number one Marquees. Walker was ah, great example of Ah great ride receiver who fit that role after David Terrell left, But, you know, I think that that kind of brave Lynn esque and you know it's hard. Compared to arguably one of the best wide receivers in school history Politico off winner So I don't know, necessarily. Expect Nico to come out and be like that, but we need A player like that, And I think that's what's going to finally get the passing game for the Wolverines to that next level that we've been waiting for for a few years now. Yeah, well, I would like to hear from the people hunted. If you're out there, you're a Michigan fan. You're a college football fan. Dial it up a TTE 734998 10. 50 was we asked you who? Your favorite college wide receiver of all time is now. You know, Matt picked a Michigan player. I'm gonna pick a Michigan player. You don't have to pick a Michigan player. You could pick somebody else out there. There are other teams. There are other players. In college football that you could go to. But when you think about the Michigan wide out that they really need to make sure they get the ball to are you with me and Matt that they just have to force feed Nico and you know, I think he can be a little cough guy. I think he has that. Kind of talent. And, you know, I remember when you mentioned Caroline Walker. They came into the same recruiting class. I think they were one and two in the nation, so they came in with the big time press clippings, and then they ended up living up to him. You know, you mentioned Steve Breaston is one of my favorite stories. You know, at Michigan, and it was when he was a true freshman. Is probably the year before after one of the games. Ah, Lloyd Carr was there and I came up and I said, Yeah, I want to make sure you know, get into practice next year and he said Okay, you know, we'll make it happen. Actualize the pest room and then I started dialing up the number when they got to, You know, Summer camp and everything I kept calling and Colin and I wasn't hearing but anything but then finally, one day said You'd be down here tomorrow and you go to practice and I went to the practice was at Michigan Stadium. And now there's only two things I remember about the practice one Is that it was I was the only one of the stands over there on the East side where they come out of the tunnel. And the other thing I remember is what happened during the practice they had. I guess it would be. Ah. It would be the punt team and then coverage team and they were making a big deal about it, and they got out there and the coaches were hot there in the players face there, demanding that they they won this phase of the game and how important special teams was and making sure they got the guy down on the ground and 11 Hades to the ball and all the things you know that coaches say, you know, to rile you up and make sure that you know you're you're getting the guy and and hammered him in and making sure that you get that coverage. On the punt team so breast and was a true freshman. And on the first kick, you know they kick it down to him. And he makes one of the greatest runs I've ever seen. Zigzagging in and out of would be defenders jumping over guys reversed his field. Took it to the house, man. My jaw dropped. I'm like, wow. This is the greatest thing that I've ever seen. Nobody else's you know, Uh, nobody else is here to witness that it's just me And so the coaches, though, man, they even arm or hot, you know there's hats me and thrown. You know you're going to let this freshman take it to the house and our pottery team. We're not gonna win any games. This is crazy. You know there get after him and each guy man they're going up to and reading him the riot act and so they're like we're doing it again. And so they pawn it to him again. And the exact same thing breast in, you know, zigzag in the reverse field into the house. No, I was just like wow. In the one thing, they said, like You can't talk about any injuries and not really talking about a specific plays or formations or anything that went on. So when I went down to talk about the practice, you know, just like, you know, so and so, but somebody call about breast and I said breast in zookeeper breast is going to be great. And then the next caller challenge me says You can't tell a guy by one practice, even though they were down there that this guy's gonna be some great player. I think he's gonna be a great returner. He was a great returner, but I Steve Breast, and you brought his name up. I haven't thought about breasted in a couple of years is one is one man that guy, a dynamic returner, and he lived up Tio. He lives up to the building at Michigan End of the pros. All right. 734998 10 50. That is the number If you want to join us here. You want to talk some some wideouts? Ah, Favorite college wide receivers. You know, for me, It is pretty easy. Ah. Formidable days. My war..

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