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In my mind the right the right thinking put in my mouth the right words give me the right power and strength to be able to do the work so that we can continue to help me help them. Help life continue. Because at the end of the day it's all about the continuation of life not just human being's life everything that exists within the world animals. Burs trees the water to fish all the things that exist asunder moon the stars. Everything that is. They're working as i love the way might Might teacher the late gic swamped. We'll talk about that. He says imagine all of the elements in the natural world. He says as members of one big family all working together for the continuation of life. He's like home man hall. Beautiful is that marian crow chief executive officer of the first nations health managers association. I am especially inspired by A young woman that used to be on our staff while she's on leave right now and this is why i'm hopeful. Juanita records a first nation nurse from northern ontario working with fema who decided during this pandemic. She was going to go run to the fire not from it. She went home to her own community and as nursing. And what more inspiration. Julie need other than that is how we live. We go home. We give the support skills and all of the knowledge that we have back to the community and that to me is an example of hope resiliency and just who we are as indigenous people way davis an award winning author explorer filmmaker harvard trained botanist and professor of anthropology at the university of british columbia and a leading expert and supporter of indigenous language. Culture knowledge. What gives you hope. Harry ed you give me hope my friend. I mean honestly the very fact that we have an assembly first nations that we have a national chief a given that diseases swept away ninety percent of your ancestors within a generation of contact this this notion that indigenous people were decimated a false use of the language because decimate in latin means to kill one in ten. It was the opposite. It was nine in father berry said in his book. A dream of the earth the very fact that the first nations are still with us is itself in a sense miraculous. Marielle enter pella fond. Judge a lawyer an advocate for children's rights and she's author of a report on racism in british columbia's healthcare system. So it gives me a lot of hope is how i've been seeing in real time this. Un declaration that people think it's some abstract thing for lawyers or whatever but it's so fundamentally helpful when people in the system understand discrimination they have like putting on a new set of glasses they see it differently and suddenly. Everything's easy right. So what. I find really. Hopeful is if we really embraced but commitment to ending discrimination implementing the declaration if health professionals got trained and in the house and we had good training to understand. Why are these articles in this declaration. So important why are we implementing it because it allows us to deal with racism. Yes we have to deal with lands and territories and many many other issues as well and you know free. Prior consent is really important. Absolutely i'm i i it's like it's but so much information. So much chatter has been on that as opposed to hey. Don't you want end racism. This is a great tool. So what gives me really big. Hope is this has been Embassy i hope it spreads i hope nationally we do have a federal entrepot legistlation. The declaration is implemented. I do hope that means candidate changes the national health and puts a commitment to anti-racism in there. I see how easy it is. Once you start down that path like how easy it is but if you're in the path of fighting you know the healthcare system wanna be indian fighters and risk disrespect people. I think a lot of our young people who i educate law students and others you know. They're they're just going to sue your pants off and you're gonna lose anyway so you might as well work with us. Jagmeet singh leader of the federal new democratic party. Young people give me hope when you go anywhere across this country when you speak to young people and see how much they care. A that with young kids who've never met an indigenous person or have never gone to an indigenous reserve or first nations reserve. And they care they say. Why is it in our country that they don't have clean drinking water when i see young kids. Raise this who've never been exposed to a directly but just care because they've got compassion. It's a reminds me that there is so much potential for us to to make a difference. When i see people You know thousands of young people take to the streets and say we wanna see changes to protect our environment. I'm inspired by that. And it gives me a lot of hope. Bobby joe green and morgan grant chief and president of the kitchen tribal council. I had told an encouragement. When i seen how are people in our communities our local chiefs in and leadership in the communities how they work together Soon as things were a pandemic in march the community response plans. It's like it was so great to see like all these important things sometimes of politics. You see these things disagreements. And all these things i you know very well. Everything was just put aside and the importance of taking care of the people community response. People were working together. That really gave me hope. Because i think this is what this is who we are. We're not all that political white van government style of doing things. This is who we are and the my point them getting shares. This pandemic experience also made a lot of us. reaffirm We need to protect care. Quickly things start shutting down. You've been up here chief. Perry you seeing the how long the dempster highway is often goes under closure for different reasons but if trucks were to stop you know. Our fuels ship are trucked in. Our food is trucked in and things you know. Shelves people are worried about shelves going bear. Maybe trucks not being able to come in and things shutting down and i looked around in our communities and we were Blessed as people this winter and spring because we had a lot of caribou care were in the winter in area Which was a good thing for us because people were able to harvest than have their freezers full. And and those who were done their harvest you know started helping and harvesting for those who might not have had the means to get out there elderly Single fat single parent families things like that and everyone was just ticked trend looking out for each other and making sure that everyone had full freezers and not just reaffirmed. You know this is. This is what money can't buy. You got a global pan-demic everything crashing down money being lost tyranny market. But we had food. We are freezers where four we didn't have to depend on. You know the meat that is getting shipped in from the south kevin loring of the incorrect kuchma nation in british columbia. He's the artistic director of the indigenous theater at the national.

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