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Exclusive wcbm weather channel forecast sunny skies today 90 degrees will be the high delight some scattered thunderstorms the low of seventy one tomorrow saturday mostly sunny and a high of eighty two degrees those current temperatures jill right now mt bank stadium in downtown baltimore sixty five degrees in its 71 at navy marine corps stadium indianapolis coming up on the news at six o'clock severe storms ploughed through baltimore leaving one person dead so according to the doctor crowd helmer a were getting into some very dangerous his constitutional waters year even if trump would happen to be in the eyes of may beach krauthammer in some others not fifth for office it it it will caused would not agrout hammer says will be a rupture in the country and threatening our democracy see wireless i kept thinking you know we've been in office nine months has got elected on the very first day before saying we're going gonna take him out now this investing for looks like it has potential to do that if that were to happen selling voters michael that they're not really loud to pick her on presser well that's why i think will really headed into very choppy and dangerous constitutional waters we know what the democrats wanted to do they wanna get control of the house and our day why they're going to start impeachment now i happen to think as you know i oppose trump canada say i don't think he's very well for the presidency but this is not a reason for impeachment andrew high crimes are here we have we have a crash acute are looking for high crimes with watergate you started with a crime and he tried to hide out what happened here they're looking for a cry perhaps find what idled out as of yet i haven't heard of why collusion as unseemly but at eight a cry so you got a political establishment moshe firstly democratic but there are some republicans who would like to see him take it out of office i think that would be a catastrophic mistake it would cause a rupture in the country were people would say when we people the wad you've you better bad and elect somebody we like i'll guy gets take it out i thought we had a stable democracy so.

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