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A huge response to put neumann up for a recall and by the way it's the right to recall its in the constitution does automatically vote newman out he could fight for his job he could try to keep a seat but padilla took away 22 district pity it took away your constitutional right that you add to recall your legislate her and if i read one more pearl clutching column about how this is just inappropriate is nothing more appropriate to recall somebody over a massive tax vote nothing as the greatest power that a state government has over its people is stealing their money this guy has voted to all sorts of taxes the people in that district have the right to say we made a mistake this guy's got a go he didn't run on who we thought we had when we elected this cloud now what clock is running now is a thirty day clock for people to take back their signatures that they put on the petitions and the nonsense of comes from the josh newman camp we got this off of a website newman website on thursday more than two thousand voters demanded their names be removed from the deceitful recall petition aimed at removing senator josh newman for office two thousand dense what they're claiming that's a lie he added aware that we get that number i did not get him can get twenty two what they're trying to say is area but that's that's a pr stunt to make it look like this was necessary you're right i had said that's a total lie they have two thousand names of people contacted them show me those two thousand names and then they roach is already thousands of voters say they were lied to by gop opera lives impede signature gathers who told than the recall petition to repeal the gas tax wait a second wait a second so these are people who want to repeal the gas tax but they don't want josh newman removed after he provided the deciding vote that doesn't even make a sh a even a threat of logic there is nothing okay if you're gets the gas tax you be against josh newman two new would even course of course they lie they make it up who's going to check it all the newspapers are just going to print the.

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