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Hbo I don't mind me first time has been set on our don't know I mean it's fine we I don't mind come forward but you know we're part of you know designees yeah she's the girl watch out and yeah just had so much shame around it and like in that process I feel like you growing up I feel like you would I was spending so much like you know a monastery at a month or Ryan can't be good because monastery the ingredients and monastery super drying and so it sends you right back to like the Kyi that got you here in the first place like over fifty percent of people with China's want US entering sex that number goes up to like about seventy five I percents people when you get into like Peri menopausal years because vaginal dryness becomes a much bigger issue the most widely available lubes and commonly purchased or Glycerin base that's your astro glad you're Ky. those are the ones that are at like grocery store she said it again if you're fucking Ohio anywhere but they don't tell you is that glycerin as a metabolic byproduct of sugar so if you have like a low level you have low level BV or Candle Ish Down There right you just sent all of that bacteria fungus to the all you can eat buffet yeah and so now you've got some discomfort and then the products that we've been like socialized to clean ourselves with like your summer's Eve your douching God forbid those will lead to a proliferation of bacteria it'll move whatever infection was happening in the vagina up into the urinary tract Taua now you have a uti now you gotta go on antibiotics now you got the now you're definitely going to east infection now you're on the monster monster that's GonNa dry you out and it sets you back to the circle of it's an oral boroughs of it it's just this off and I you know and so we were in it and all that and it was just fucked up and I was every summer I'd come home back to the bay area whereas from and I'd like spend so much time at all turn it of health stores and like talking to the witchy lady in the vitamin I don't mean like lady like what do I do about US stand on your head during aging your exact sage about whole like really my butthole needs sage inches like it all starts in the butthole and she this lady was like oh try this tea tree suppositories and I was like cool great bought a pack they saved me they really really helped but this was this is back when Amazon was selling mostly books on all your visa and so I try to find them on Amazon I couldn't find them anywhere as like fuck it I can make these myself I can order some candy trays online and just cook something up in my kitchen I mean it went horribly awry the fuse I I'm not a particularly detail oriented person so you know wasn't exactly I've been tracking stuff but I you know I was able to make something eventually that worked for me a little bit and then a few years after that I was like finally able to like with teacher suppositories and vitamin E. and like a few other things I was able to like decrease the urgency and intensity or on the cycle and then maybe like twenty four teams any fifteen someone gave me a bottle of cannabis infused lubricant and I was like Holy Shit my two favorite things I'm John and I I should say yeah like dogs Oh yeah I love metal gods under by maybe three legs so they really need me fully codependent dogs I've practiced radical codependence And so yeah I tried this other candidates as lubricant I was really excited about it took me a few times to get it to work and it seemed to me when like interacting with the product that whoever had designed it maybe didn't have a vagina that's true for the cannabis industry and that's true I imagine the mail care like Oh you know you look at the Board of John in Johnson or proctor and gamble or Unilever like one vaginal so does not use the word posting doesn't look at her vagina maybe ever he's Never Yoni gays yes which is a powerful thing I encourage everyone to do I was dubious I but gazing upon it I I I used to really look at my my whole life I was always really curious I yeah I mean I think like Yeah Drinking Miller lite my second guest ever to drink I was Alan Ford so I have now had yeah congrats listen it's it's high it's highlife season yes it is mandatory Millard Tuesday's Terry Miller Monday it's Tuesday in this we'll be Thursday so everybody be confused everyone get crazy now so yeah I tried it it was clear that right like you know it took me a few times to get to work get it to work but then I had a mind shattering orgasm and I was like okay okay okay there's some we can take this further it's not just about increased sexual pleasure increase lubrication better climaxes you know we're living in this increase sex positivity everyone wants to talk about Paul Marie Your Fun Kink Party the thing is if you have had recurrent yeast infection for six years it doesn't matter how Funky the play party as you don't WanNa you don't WanNa get down there's a bit of your hindered totally and I think that is a particularly in the cannabis industry people are always like are these products creation or are they medicinal I'm just like guys it's sex it's both like wellness isn't medicinal or recreational like this it's non Mary it has to be about how to integrate these things into your life fully and not just in like a medicinal or recreational way so I tried this one like looked the ingredients I was like oh I can make that I think I can do that. Yeah I'd found these other ingredients that were really helpful for keeping you ties in yeast infections away and we just even tried a few tooling up yeah and that's what happened with Clinton exactly and that's what happened I mean really I was mixing these up in my kitchen for are a couple of years before I brought in my business partner who is shot out to reach awash teen she's the only reason she gets done. A CASA DI quim a lot of big ideas she is you know she came in and she was like okay what's the recipe and I was like I just take whatever weeds around the house I thought in the Oven Cook Cook some shit up and just like okay well that doesn't exactly make for a scalable process yes so God bless her but yeah and that's how we that's how we got kicked off I mean sounds pretty bad ass hi honey let's talk about quip do you got one yet if you don't today might be your down ously what makes a tooth rush better I mean let's go down the things we like there's lots of different things if you ask your Dennis they're going to tell you it's less about the brush and more about how you use visit which is why it was created by Dennis and product designers to focus on what actually matters for your oral health which is healthier habits favorite thing about quip is it a sensitive rations and there's a built in timer so all you do is hit the button and you're going to brush your teeth for a full two minutes and every thirty seconds there's a little pulse so that you not move it to the other side other quadrant of your mouth so you're going to get an even clean and the other favorite part about quip is that they automatically for the brush heads to you every three months which is what the dentist tells us we should be doing okay so it makes it very easy and convenient and honestly fun to have Healthier Orel hygiene habits and the design is very sleek and cute it's easy to travel with you gotta brush twice a day and quip is like hey honey we're here for you help you live a healthier life it's really slick and shake and works great and once you've rush with a quick brush Oh wow I'm never going back quips just twenty five dollars and you're going to get your first refill pack for free at get quip dot com slash natch this is simple way to support niche butte and to start brushing better it's a win win but you have to go to get Q. U. I. P. Dot Com Slash Energy and you're gonNA get your first refill free yes honey go right now right now get Q.. Ip Dot com slash H quip baby love those Steve honeys tell you all about fabrics I've been having so much fund wearing all my fabrics gear I've been taken cute picks in them if you've seen me warning around town I wear them everywhere because guess what shopping is cardio it might be a funny shirt but it's actually true for me too FAB Lennox was born in two thousand thirteen and Co founded by actress Kate Hudson who is like a workout Klein she Gino's that we want to work out move our bodies but also look good and we want trendy stylish Jim closed its price affordably and we buy it Kate Hudson made it easy because fabrics came to the rescue Feb lettuce creates clothing that's made to inspire physical activity any type of setting fabrics always aims right fashionable entre and workout clothing at an exceptional price point their mantra is live your passion every day yes you're going to go online you take a quick sixty second style pop quiz and then they're going to recommend outfits for you now they nailed it for me I filled out my quiz and all of a sudden all these cute outfits popped up little two piece sets reprint bright colors they have so many sizes they have photos of actual customers in the close so you can see that totally looks like me I'm totally buying that size think fit like a glove I'm very happy with them also you can check out as guest or become VIP if you're a VIP or going to get fifty percent off regular prices free shipping and additional works. I'm telling you honey right now you can get to leggings for only twenty four dollars that's a ninety nine value as a VIP using the special attribute link which I'm going to get to right now honey and if you wanna.

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