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Like that. You know what i'm saying. Actually had mahomes anton play which you greedy yehuda alcohol. Do assign like four quarterbacks for no reason why does he have four. Qb's like 'cause you don't back over. Had i had my home than i got a from. Jacksonville a darnell not unless carolina. Oh trouble lawrence. Intro laurence tribe lost man. He didn't impress me. Much coming into the league. I thought he was going to do things. And it's like. I think it was a little too fast room. He has to get used to it a little bit. Yeah yeah well you know it is fascinating too and he got strache the tape rolling out. There's a reason why they got him like the pig but they got they got some pretty good offers us. Receivers they got. They got like three of them. They're really good was seated thing bucknell. He gets out of the park. You can still run. Look that's what the nfl is coming to you. Know they they make up the plane. Go you know hell. Yeah i'm saying is the broncos bro. Holy shit god. Damn three s they for instance off i need was a little bit better quarterback. Teddy bridgewater is pretty good. Dan consistent says old he consistent. I don't wanna. I don't wanna shipowner consistent the fucking. What's his name Baker do. That's surprise seem. I thought you know they right now. They're doing better than the fucking chiefs. They look better than the chiefs right now to their game wasn't week oh man that will actually wasn't even medical day was given its own Kansas city came back in the second. Half i knew hours. I a comeback second-half also too. It's kinda deeply probably kind of say. They like cursed. It'll matter not what they do as raw. And even you know they had to come down from a three one maybe a little drain suspension. A little bit of some will say and you know other legally can't win this. They care with it drafted with they head. Probably what the best bag ball. Time that jim brown folly they get enough to the next year they actually was ernie johnson who was actually the first african-american heisman trophy winner. He got leukemia. Yeah you know like you know like You know they can get right sucks. Yeah it's up to be a browns fan for the longest that light it was terrible to be lebron's man like all hail you like you crazy. I live there. Yeah movie man. Hey man it's always don't kicking it and chopping it up with john appreciate y'all coming off real real hail year man like i said man Twenty twenty six was straight here baby. Westside san antonio. There is hashtag that while paris tax day. Cloudy ten percent off. That's check out so user. Y'all ready noman. I saw enough. Y'all have you over a..

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