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Fork road in zoos around twelve pm a resident in the area called the thirties after finding the body while they run a walk with deputies arrived. The woman was found in a culvert adjacent to a roadway turn out. She was pronounced dead at the scene and appeared to have suffered blunt force trauma. No suspect information was available. It appears to be a body dump their in zoos a lot of mayhem on the roads this weekend. A pursuit suspect was struck by a car on the five in Norwalk man was struck by a car while fleeing from police following a burglary in Buena park early Saturday. The injured suspect was hospitalized in critical condition following the collision took place on four AM. The southbound lanes of the five near Florence avenue on the border of Norwalk Santa Fe springs, according to Wayne and park police. There's your man had been a passenger in the fleeing car. The driver was described as a twenty year old Compton man, also described to run from the car, but was quickly apprehended the certain said a second passenger eluded capture. Okay. Well, that's good. Because I was about to call a posse as a citizen. I was gonna call a posse gonna lead a posse. And we're going to make an arrest of every twenty year old man in Compton. Because of that, you know what? Because of good solid details like that law enforcement so much more effective. So they're all of you twenty year olds incompetent count your count your lucky stars. Because the twenty year old Compton man is the description has been taken into custody. Anaheim hit and run an eighteen year old woman in critical condition. The victim whose name has not been released yet but found lying in the street with major injuries. According to us officials, this is at Hastert, and and Lee trace or leeann. Chris lane shortly before nine pm. There is a suspect vehicle a red is sue amigo ninety eight ninety nine and. I had one of those. I had I had a I had a V6. GMC engine trooper. And then I I grabbed it amigo. And those are the also with the six th no, I it had a really peppy four-cylinder. It was great off road vehicle. But the the amigos are the are two doors. Mine had a removable top great cars. Not in the hands of this dirtbag, though. The thirties looking for a ninety eight or ninety nine red amigo with damage to the right front headlight. And that is are we we're only halfway through. So when we come back more mayhem on the roads right after this super, hyper local Sunday, go to hashtag have you seen a free couch. Upload your couch, again, do the hashtag, right. You can either you can do either. Hashtag lower case. All lower case. Have you seen a free couch or the preferred method is to capitalize each word? Have you seen free couch, and I know that puts an an F right next to each other. But trust me, that's the one. We look at most. It's our Goto hashtag hashtag have you seen a free catch KFI AM six forty. More stimulating talk. Michael should pay with the news. House. Democrats are set to vote this week on whether to nominate Nancy Pelosi for speaker in the upcoming congress Democrats opposing her are hoping strategy of chaos will help them win out in the end so far. No one has come forward. Dole is an alternative border crossing and citizens near San Diego has apparently reopened the US it closed. The port of entry after migrants storm the border trying to cross the US legally a bear was able to stroll into a California Highway Patrol office in the mountain town of Truckee strolled past a vending machine yesterday before eventually sniffing around and turn it around walking out the same way it came in. Apparently didn't do any.

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