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Cost of living here is fucking ridiculous as it is so I do expect this survive with that right and it's all tied in I really I mean not to get off subject. Some people like you know when we have these conversations like Oh you hate America so much. I Love America. Dude is the only country I've known I. I was born in Mexico but is all I've known since eight months old. I've been here and so I say why can't be better. You know. Get these twelve hundred dollars. Everybody hates socialism. But that's socialism right there. Where did that pop up from? You know I'm not saying socialism is the right thing but all these things that you know that Bernie's stand for healthcare for all. It's not so left-wing as they make it out to be. It's just that the people in charge like I said it's not a broken system. The system is working as the plan. Make you think that these basic fucking human rights are so outlandish like. Oh you're on your way to fucking be a Russia or Cuba. And he's like no way it just when you're not spending a trillion a month on war you have money for other things. It's it's sad to see that. There's there's people against that you know like why are you against spokane healthcare like why are you against you? Know every other world hazardous but we can like you know. It's it's sad because it goes back to the whole thing of Wiley. What what's your what. What's your hatred towards? What are the negatives that costs money? All things costs money. You know. It's like yeah. We agree on where the money from. They spent a trillion a day for the last twenty one days. Today's the twenty first write a trillion a day for the month of April. A day for nine more days. I believe it's only thirty days. Thirty TRILLION PAPA. Like that out of nowhere and nobody has an issue with that and it's just where the stock market nothing else is just too so. The stock market doesn't crash in ODY's talking about yet. Bernie said there's going to concerts ten trillion over ten years and always GonNa get all that money from or tares. It was a big deal over thirty days. Nobody Better Ni- there those ridiculous argument 'cause they were like Oh you know now. It costs this much higher. You'RE GONNA hire you even GonNa make that possible like yeah. That's one of the fucking problem trait there that it costs this much in the first place. You know like I was going to be this expensive in the first place nor the price. And that's not gonna be as much as you think you know. We're not gonNA keep charging Ripping people off to stay on. I have any more you know like when you were headed ambulance. It's like a four GS. I've had homeys getting car. Crashes and turn down ambulance like my homie dude more beneficial and somebody's fucking nurses gotTa Uber on their spare time so you might get help. Because they don't get paid enough you know. Where's the money going to win? It's so expensive and yet your nurses. Your doctors are making what they should. The public public teachers should be making way more like invest in your youth like it. It's not I mean it is difficult. I somebody much smarter than me. She come up with the plan. But I'm a dumb as me. Could fucking invest in your youth fucking put a lot of money into public health. Start with sports arts all after school programs. Dude you're going to have a thriving. Society isn't a thriving society best for everybody not just the one percent but that's the thing they don't want the best thing for society they want the best thing for themselves and renounced all. These congressmen are all fucking in there. They're just trying to give you one last. Fuck you end. The boomers are in there letting them do whatever they want like I they rather die than see their fucking country left you know. And it's a these rich Aso's are all left. You're in Congress for two years four years six years and your salaries for life that socialism. But yet they tell you to retire sixty five but you know the cost of living is going up so you might have to retire at seventy and you're like okay. I what the fuck. How did they like they had great? Pr Because he convinced you to fuck yourself. Then I even fucking you fucking your fucking yourself. I felt energize. Yeah that's it is man. I hopefully something good comes out of his hand as the conversations. You know I was talking to my family over the last week or so. And there's all this stigma. Oh you can't talk about this work. Why not we? Should you know a lot of places they don't want you to let your co workers know how much you're meeting? Why because they don't maybe so got a raise last month and you didn't they want you keep down. Don't don't know we're doing the same job. Maybe I get paid more. You know politics all in all due to my best friends are supercenters. You know where my shaped sounds outlandish. And I'm like how does healthcare hurt? How Is Free College hurt? Like oh I people. 'cause you're being selfish. Yeah you paid. That sucks. Let the next generation. I have to pay for Lavar. Had A struggle. Is that how it works? I struggled so you do have to you have from kindergarten and some cases. My daughter was in preschool preschool. To child created free and in the last four years is a ridiculous idea. The last four so twelve out of thirteen out of seventeen is okay. But you say seventy nine seventeen. No that's fucking crazy. We can't do it. The schools are expensive. Well Yeah because they're for profit schools. Let's get rid of for profit prisons because when they don't have inmate they have to get. Bush has lost put into place like marijuana be illegal because they need to fill these fucking slave fucking camps. That should be illegal right like all. Nobody should have committed crime. While when you start putting in stupid as laws just kill. There's something wrong with that and it's not I. I love these people right. I could have these conversations with these people. I'm not gonNA think that anything less of them. That's just the way they believe. Whatever they believe for that reason the same way. I believe what I believe from my reasons. We still be friends like we should have these conversations. And that's one thing I think is simple but affective you're not going to change. Somebody's mind today but you could open your eyes. Let them see for themselves. Let them that curiosity. No plant that seed and let them think. Because I wasn't always liberal. I was more. I don't know a little bit more left leaning than centuries but a lot of my own strong opinions came from Ijaz like dude. This is weird. How come in Norway you go to the hospital. You get a fucking heart transfusion you come out. And you're debt is zero and here in America you come out of your fucking three hundred thousand dollars in debt. Like I'd rather die right do I. Don't I'm not going to be working the rest of my life to pay off some fucking hospital that you don't like it is crazy because it's so outlandish but yet when you break it down to people. They're like that's how they do it in. That's how they do it in Scandinavia. That's how they do it. A lot of places our neighbors North Canada. And there's so much like you say misinformation but it takes Dr six months to see. Oh no no no. If you have the money you can go to a doctor just like any other doctor. Except you're gonNA pay like you can go to private school. I have a lot of friends that went to private high schools. But if you can't afford like myself you go to the public one. I still got a great education. They got a better. Maybe maybe not. It's what they did what they would do with mine right but if you could afford a good doctor go pay for it. Could still there and people think like oh no like others industry. That's like it's not. Communism is just an option. You have the money you WANNA pay for that fucking topnotch doctor. You'RE GONNA pay top notch price. It's it's crazy man. Crazy and the stigma the stigma you know like when in the movies they portray it that way. The the high uncle the drunk uncle you know. That's like always talking about conspiracy theories like dude that's why they portray it the way they do. You WanNa make it. Seems so out of fucking touch of whatever's like most people feel this way to talk about some data. There was a like a blind study. Right doesn't matter Republican or Democrat. Just kind of like down the line. What do you believe you know like? Should we believe seventy percent of America says yes it should be abortion still touchy subject? Still fifty five percent said yes. It should be a woman's right. They're not with it but it just a woman should decide is global warming. Climate change sixty percent said yes so it is not a partisan issue but it's like now on making the whole team politics. Oh I'm team red team blue so I gotTA GO. Whatever team read says you should vote for who for what you believe in but the thing is what are these people running right now. Who Do you believe in you know? It's the same guy in a different fucking evil mask. It's the same shit it's a out even when the fucking There's no choice. There's no choice in these choices. Just like what this is. This is what we're getting really like. This is what you want. Three hundred fifty million people in America and that goes onto these two. What fi like. I don't know I don't know the answer. I'm GONNA fucking dummy. I'm a dumb piece of shit. Somebody should make a system where there's three or four dude three or four. You start putting eight up there. The winter's going to have like fifteen percent. I know three or four. Have the majority. Let's go back to two thousand two thousand. Al Gore won the majority decision. And he didn't win the presidency. So you don't need somebody to win most of it. I mean all of ages need somebody when most of the if you have four candidates and the winner gets like twenty five thirty percent while everybody else gets twenty. That's who most people wanted it. It shouldn't be as hard as it is at the same thing. I keep repeating. The system is broken. It's working perfectly cues funny funneling the same. Shitsu the top Zaki aim.

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