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If you take calls for our guests to report to the program Michael Friedman is a co founder and executive editor of the media allied that news agency we're talking a bit about Jewish voting patterns and we had noted the traditional of break out of American Jewish voters which tends to be heavily for the Democratic Party and Mister freeze and was loading that of those who I guess are of what they are Israeli citizens but they have an American voter I'm not sure how this works but you say that they are are equal you also they hold both it and the whole dual citizenship and that group you say of those rather strongly Republican almost mirror image in the reverse interest although not there are nearly as many of the Viking about what a ratio of Ted ones of the like that maybe the twenty to one they claim about three hundred thousand I'm not sure that's the fact number I think it's a lot less than that but it's still I'm still consider like doing a a state we'll get back to a call here although I would note here the explanation that the president offered this past day this is the the restatement of the president made quote if you want to vote Democrat you are being very disloyal to Jewish people and very disloyal to Israel now then there is also by the way the Republican Jewish coalition which is backed the president saying that the president was pointing out the the obvious we take the president seriously not literally the coalition that said this is backed by Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson adding president trump is putting out the obvious for those who care about Israel the position of many elected Democrats has become anti Israel and I must say that Mr Adelson certainly has a way of phrasing it that that is better than the president had Mister freeze well you know the real what's happening right now is is his greatest nightmare is long as Israel has been in existence being bi partisan in America has been key to that existence and getting the support from the American people it's always had a remarkable relationship when you compare to other nations and if the weather's things all really all the time I saw the cracks beginning during the bitter debate over the Iranian nuclear deal and for the first time we were seeing that sense of of bipartisan isn't cracking and open the door and I think that's really the beginning of what became the opening that these new newly elected women crawled through in order to ring Israel into the nightmare the name of being of course being centerfold center stage and and and a too partisan American election cycle yeah so it's playing out and it's every bit as bad as everybody always thought it would be I I would do probably borrow the words of the head of the Republican Jewish coalition the Sheldon Adelson when he says we take the president's seriously not literally I'm sure I'll have occasion to use that in the future Sharon calls in from crane Missouri good evening Sharon good evening jam and good evening to your cat Sir I am pro Israel I have and every since I was in elementary kid and I first learned about the whole account I never could find anyone to give me a rational explanation for wanting to wipe out a whole race of people I've never understood that and no one will ever be able to make me understand then as far as I'm concerned Israel had every right in the world to ban these two women from coming into your country that is your sovereign right I stand firmly behind you wholeheartedly I do not understand why Jewish people in this country continue to vote four levels four Democrat team can have the same sense of support always for Israel but Sir there are an awful lot of people out here who feel the same way that I do absolutely is if Israel ever disappears from this earth I have no hopes for my country Sir I think we all we all agree with what with what Sharon is saying absolutely that I I find a great deal of difficulty understanding of the voting patterns of some people as well on the other hand you wouldn't have to be just Israel defending its right to exist from people who support policy that would undermine that right to exist any sovereign country has the total right to deny entry to any person on the planet for any reason what ever even if it's arbitrary even if it is self defeating for any reason but the point of national sovereignty goes right to the core of this and that is of course the key issue these members of Congress had no quote right to to visit Israel in any way shape or form anymore than anybody else from any other country has a right to enter any other country period which is again the course of the very hard for Democrats to try to understand in their hold hands and sing BYOD nonsense about this being one world Mister freeze it well you're saying what a lot of Israelis are saying today it was although there's been a lot of criticism by Israelis who have warm relationships with the United States there's been a lot of criticism of the president nevertheless the Israelis are dying to point out that the entire list of what would have happened had the women come in was pretty disastrous what he said really what would have happened I'm sorry I don't mean to interrupt of what would have happened other than the fact that they would open their mouths I mean they did that anyway well you know nominal demonstration here can end up pretty horrible and it can be you can trigger danger to trigger a violent demonstration and and a heart beat and the people who were hosting the alternative itinerary that was presented it was kind of glossed over at the press conference they held it said we're gonna meet with with former members of the idea for this is a group that's the really defense force right yeah yeah yes the army basically right and understand every everybody in Israel is drafted at the age of eighteen men and women and because of that you have a good cross section of the country and serving in the army which means you can have people that are like in people that don't like it and the taking not liking it to the nth degree you have a group of of a miss contents who have gone they're considered pretty uniformly to be a radical group this is not a normative group this isn't the they didn't choose from the you know if you're if you're doing a pony a lop off the extremes on both sides and then go to the norm that is exactly the opposite of what these women did everybody who is part of that itinerary which of course was for to Palestine night anybody goes to a travel agent or crease our own itinerary you can say we're going to she said that when one of the reps said that they were going to Israel and Palestine but according to attend or they weren't going to Palestine they don't recognize the right of Israel to exist I mean that that that is clear yeah well not just not not recognize the the right to exist but was advocated for doing something about it and that doing something about it is something that's really foreign to those of us who grow up in America we're spoiled we have a real crazy it's it's it's a great existence and we thank god for every day but you leave the country and there's some really serious issues here well as we go to the as we go to the break that I guess what I what I I and maybe others about the fully understood was you believe there was a very real potential for a Congress women that to leave and Omar to create a real civil disturbance my assumption would be that they might open their mouths as they usually do and they might get a few people chatting or something of that would be the extent of it you're you're talking about a potential break down of civil authority absolutely it happens every weekend for last year's last couple of years all right again I was not aware this was something that happened with that that great degree of frequency board Cumberland will become back will also take calls on this and also talk about another issue regarding the Middle East and the Iran when we come back on the Jim Bohannon show in a moment I'm not a big talker I am a big door but sometimes the only way to solve the problem is to get on the horn and.

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