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And I'm going to jump to the phones right now. We're going to talk with David in San Francisco. David. Hi. Welcome to kgo. Yeah, Wish I could have asked Erin. It sounds like what he was laying out, was right along the lines of Naomi Klein's book about vulture capitalist, right? The shock doctrine. And when you look at the the the Cabinet, you know we've got Mnuchin, of course, is the secretary of Treasury. He's a vulture capitalist. The secretary of commerce is Wilbur Ross, and in Wikipedia, he's listed as the king of for King of Bankruptcies. Pollution is also listed is the king of foreclosures. You look a TTE Betsy DeVos secretary of education. She wants to decimate the school district's and that would be a land grab. You know, this Cove in crisis is going to bankrupt a whole lot of schools. And then all of a sudden these vulture capitalists who would be ableto buy up all of the land of the schools. And then, of course, Trump has gotten most of his properties through Ah, disaster capitalism. The redevelopment agencies declare them is blighted zones. So it sounds like this is a massive conspiracy, and you can't expect that bar is going to prosecute him for it. So what prosecutions could we do on a local scale? Thiss being an election year? We're gonna have a lot of district attorneys and judges up for election. Let's make this campaign issue that that if they run on a platform of prosecuting people that use vulture capitalism To basically did destroy the middle class of America. I guess David. It's a fascinating idea. And I guess what we would first have to ascertain is exactly what laws were broken or if the laws have been written to allow this vulture capitalism to exist. I like the idea. I think it's something perhaps we should pursue. Maybe we could get some guests on who would be in a position to start those prosecutions and ask about it. This is kgo. Florida remains one.

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