President Trump, Dr Schwab, Europe discussed on Bloomberg Surveillance


We think cohen resic for our support a quick though you with us we're gonna try to go back and forth tim i want you to bring in the president because everything's tighter out of our new york studios at greg yeah we have what some people call the gulf face on right now president looking very serious is he stands with dr schwab well i think there's a lot at stake tom i think that there's a real concern about the american first position by trump real concern about the dollar real concern about trade wars real concern about things like nafta so i do think that he has to deliver any has to maybe com some of the fears greg this is gonna be good dove for the world economic forum to have the president united states speaking on the final day absolutely i think it's a sign of how prestigious the group is i think it's a great opportunity for trump is well two maybe make people fear him a little less while i was in to say but i'm saying that keeping the the hotels and all the restaurant and making sure that all of the people actually attend anyone who's been to a conference certainly knows that much of the important business takes place at the very beginning and at the end you know you just car left with the crumbs but it seems as though with the presidents of parents here at the annual meeting this could really endear himself to the people who are putting the world economic forum together and that's important all right i gotta go to pretty wide audience in western europe where there's still a lotta doubt about him a as i said before i think he can dispel a lot of concerns while i think most people are familiar obviously with the donald trump uh the person uh who's the head of a real estate empire as well as donald trump uh the television star a book that they'll be getting their first two specific looked at the president donald trump as he represents the united states at the world economic forum have any other tom.

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