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You drive around the neighborhood. Right now. In Seattle. Partly cloudy skies and 44 degrees at come on news. Stay connected. Stay informed. The Northwest's on Lee 24 hour News Station Co. Moh news 1000 FM 97 7 Bill O'Neill at the editor's desk, I'm Taylor van sites. Now the headlines were following from the camo 24 7 News Center President Biden touting the executive orders that he signed today looking to promote racial justice and equity. He held a White House event and said that systematic racism has brought down America for far too long and argued that the ground is shifting. After too many incidents of racial injustice, adding that it is time to act and the Federal Communications Commission looking into the large Internet outage affecting a lot of the Northeast Today, the acting FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel, says that they're going through the reports and are actively investigating to find the cause of the issue of thousands of people from Washington, D C up the East Coast of Boston. All reporting outages for Verizon and for Comcast. It's 12 46 a coma Seattle public schools is considering rehiring of former administrator Toe Act as interim superintendent. Following today's Juno's resignation. Come on Eric Heights reports. Brent Jones was the school district's head of equity partnerships and engagement until 2019 Now the school board is considering bringing him back. Once Denise Gino leaves at the end of the school year they would still need to negotiate and vote on a contract. The Seattle Times Sports Jones would be expected to start no later than July. 1st stay on in the interim role until June, 30th 2022 would not be a candidate for the permanent position. Eric Heights come on news. A dramatic expansion of tiny House villages has been proposed in Seattle. This would rely on private donations, though, comes Matt Markovich explores the issue with City Council member Andrew Lewis. He represents much of downtown Seattle, the homelessness state of emergency in the city. Is worse than it's ever been. Even after hundreds of millions in tax dollars have been spent on the homeless emergency that was declared five years ago. Our parks and write a ways in the city had become campgrounds out of the Necessity of having such a large population instead of allowing parks to become campgrounds living in a tent in Seattle, especially in the winter is miserable. Council member Andrew Lewis is calling upon big donors to put a private money to more than double the 311 tiny homes currently in the city. Nearly 800 had he benefited from one being around. Other people who are sharing the same struggle is important. You suddenly don't feel like you're the only one. There are eight villages inside Seattle City limits loses proposal would raise it to 20. The City Council has okayed 40, but there's not enough money for that. Mayor Durkin supports expanding tiny home villages, said her spokesperson. So where does this fit in with the regional Homeless Authority? Yeah, That's a good question matter because the regional homeless authority was supposed to be up and running by now to handle all things. Homelessness throughout Seattle in King County. But the governing board has yet to even pick a CEO and loses proposal involves just Seattle, but eventually we would consolidate it. So these villages that can counties operating and the villages the Seattle is operating, they would all be merged into one large shelter system locations have not been determined. Move point if big donors don't step up, and it's gonna take a village to make a village almost Matt Markovich reporting, the State Hospital Association says we could see an increase in hospitalizations as the Koven 19 variant takes hold. Como's Keith Outward spoke with some experts about what you should not be wearing on your face. Get vaccinated as soon as you possibly can, and really step up. You're masking game, but Gators really are not doing what they're supposed to be doing. State Hospital Association says the UK variant is more contagious and you need more protection and prevention. And there's a concern Water droplets could get through and the Gators and transmit the disease or let it in. We need to Vaccines and arms. Mask, socially distance, the things we know the public health playbook. That's what we need to do. And you know the variance or one more reason why it's so important to do that. These variants will not transmit if they can't find another human. In the vicinity where a better mass that you're wearing Now, If you're wearing a bandanna, stop wearing your bed. Then I get a real mask. Um, they're wearing a single ply cloth mask. Get yourself up two or three. Ply one. Or get yourself a surgical mask and wear it everywhere. Almost Keith Eldridge reporting it's 12 50 it cool news time for a propel insurance business Update. Here's Jim Tesco, the big team up in the food world today Beyond meat and Pepsico, saying they have formed a joint venture to produce and market snacks and drinks with plant based substitutes. Financial terms weren't disclosed by the companies say operations will be managed. Be a limited liability corporation called the Planet Partnership. Analysts say the partnership will give beyond a chance to leverage Pepsi's production of marketing expertise for new products. Twitter has permanently banned my pillow CEO Michael in Dell's account after he continued to perpetuate the baseless claim that Donald Trump won the presidential election. Twitter decided to ban Lendell, who founded betting company My Pillow due to repeated violations of its civic integrity policy. That's your money now, and the markets right now will remain essentially flat because of so many different companies releasing their earnings reports today. The Dow Is down, but only by two points. The S and P 500 also down, but only by two points. The NASDAQ is down by a whopping three points. Have your closing numbers coming up in our next money report at 1 20 Traffic update is next and Chinese hospitals the Children, they are a million reasons to share. Love. My buddy Caleb is one of them. This is his story. Hi. I'm.

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