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I can't imagine why the only thing I could come up with just trying to think logically is. I know he just Jamie just hired one of UCLA's old assistance one of their top guys. And maybe Jamie would say to them. Look let me out for less than eight million. And I'll leave your assistance alone, a leave a leave you with a staff if not I'm taking everybody with me, which I think those guys are eligible to do. And so. The you know to me, it seems like that would be the only way to get them to. But if I'm TCU what's in it for me to lower the buyout. Yeah. Doesn't make any case. And then here's the other question. I have for you. Explain to me, why you offer John Calipari eight million a year when he's making nine point two because you think hey, we're UCLA nobody. But is it to let the world know, you know, he's not gonna take. Right. So as it to let the world know that you're willing to pay. I actually think it's probably more on the coach Cal, I think coach cow was using UCLA. Even though it was a low ball offer. I think cow was using UCLA to leverage a lifetime deal with Kentucky worked. Yeah. Did work. Yeah. And and UCLA does get credit for associating themselves with John Calipari when they were looking for a new head coach. It sounds like there was something flimsy, as it might have been some sort of conversation between UCLA, and and okay, I know you're gonna roll your eyes at this. But John Calipari has been head to schools rescind final four appearances, UMass and Memphis. Okay. So he's not squeaky clean by any means. So you'll hire Cala pari no questions asked. But you won't even look at Patino. Yes. It doesn't make any difference between cheating and sleaziness. Do not see the difference between it's like comparing he lied about sex everybody lies about sex. It's like comparing somebody who cheated on their taxes to somebody like Bob Kraft, whose creeping around a massage parlor Bob Kraft, still going to be the owner of the patriots. And they're still going to be a contender. He doesn't work for anybody. And Rick Pitino woodwork for UCLA. Yeah. Why not getting anyway? There used a job anywhere either. Either you tolerate ethics violations or you don't John Calipari has them just like Rick Pitino does. And they've both won national championship. You don't you? Really? Don't see the difference between the sleaziness of John Calipar. I'm sorry. The sleaziness of Rick Pitino and the paper shuffling cheating of John Calipari. I here's the thing. I think the college basketball, it's this as this trial is proving is a cesspool. And they all cheat. I'm just saying if they're all cheating get somebody who knows how to run a full Corp press. Right. I mean, USC just got one of their coaches fired new investigated by the FBI, the US, easy, only one Jeetan. They're not. No, they're definitely not. They're definitely not. But there's but see there's cheating. There's what what Patino I can't believe you don't see the difference. Not because I think it goes on another schools anything. He just got caught. You think you think they turn a bra? They turn the athlete storm into a brothel. Not only do I think that I think that at every school when when they were Kurt top players. They have an escort not an escort like a high paid prostitute at an escort that takes them around campus to show him the school when they get there right and nine times out of ten it's a hot girl. Well, that's different on actually an escort those girls. Actual escort. No. But I think there's there's probably sex going on in some of those instances, really. Yeah. Well that sounds like. You're treating Billy Ray Smith told me you're going on in the seventies. But you can't treat girls at your university like escorts. No, they expected to sleep with the thing, and do whatever they can do whatever they want. Wow. That's rough. Yeah. But I'm saying if you're gonna if you're gonna accept John cale pari, then you can't say, oh, no, we'd never consider repetition by can't I cannot see I got to school..

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