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And wet. Steven's pass traction tires are advised and right now in downtown Seattle. It's forty seven degrees. Komo news time five thirty six. A lawsuit out of Silicon Valley alleges a former Amazon employee unfairly guided the Pentagon toward a lucrative cloud computing contract. More on that story from komo's Corwin Hake. Will the US department of defense aims to spend ten billion dollars on cloud computing, and among a handful of companies competing for the contract Amazon is widely seen as the front runner. Now. The Washington Post reports one of the other competitors bay area based oracle has filed a lawsuit. It centers on a man name. Aimed deep UB. He's a former Amazon employee who spent a year working at the Pentagon, helping to guide the US military's, cloud computing effort, the suit raises, the possibility UB was biased toward Amazon during this period. At the Pentagon limited litigants point to a pro Amazon tweet UB sent while working at the Pentagon that tweet said quote once an Amazonian always an Amazon, Ian reporting live Corwin Hake. Komo news. A big home furnishing company. Williams Sonoma is also suing Amazon. The lawsuit says an orb chair sold as part of the Amazon river line is strikingly similar to one that is offered by Williamson Oma, according to Bloomberg news. The lawsuit alleges Amazon uses customer data to steer Williams. Sonoma, customers torch leaper alternatives made by Amazon Renton police. Detectives are investigating a domestic violence homicide this morning at around eight thirty last night at forty seventh and Smithers avenue south. One family member is dead. Police say they've arrested another family member that person came out of the house and police got there. They've recovered a weapon as well. Komo's Kelly Cooperman's reporting a new study says teenage marijuana use appears to have dropped here in Washington after the state legalized dull to use of the drug twenty twelve. More from komo's kale tops research comes from the RAND Corporation and other organizations cannabis use fell by a small amount for eighth and tenth graders in Washington while use rates among high school seniors remained flat. The findings were based on data from the Washington healthy youth survey, which is conducted every two years mayor Jenny durken has reached all the way to Washington DC to find her pick to be the next director of the Seattle department of transportation. Sam Zimbabwe right now is the chief project delivery officer for DC's department of transportation. And he says he understands the challenges of Seattle faces as it grows. I know that we will need to continue to deliver more safe options for walking biking. People taking transit, and how we respond to the unprecedented growth that the city has seen in the last several years Sirkin says that Zimabwe has the experience and delivering big projects on time and on budget, and that's experience that Seattle needs more than four hundred emergency medical technicians in Seattle could go on strike this week, potentially affecting ambulance services. The Teamsters union says their main issue is overpay. And they rejected the last contract offer from American Medical response. Liz Brown speaks for the union focused on in their statement was the top wage that people make after being here twelve years. The reality is under Mars offer the starting wage for a new employee at MR would be seventeen dollars Jason Sorek with a Omar says they have two hundred temporary workers standing by in case. There's a strike the union is willing to accept that offer more than willing to sit down at the table on a union says if there is no agreement the EMT's would strike at noon on Friday. About a minute away. From komo's sports update. Komo news time five thirty nine. Well, the signs are this holiday season give.

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