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Leave. The country can leave the states. This coincided was spring break. So i couldn't go home for spring break at nothing. Do i didn't really have a lot of friends. So i'm like what am i gonna do. You know what i did. I wrote a letter to the montreal. Expos who we. All suspected were playing their final season in montreal. And i told them that my students station at syracuse was assigning me to cover their final spring training. Now this was a total known. Was assigning me to cover the expos. Why would anyone assigned me to cover the exposed. I made up the letter. They accepted because no one was covering the expos at that point and i flew to melbourne florida during spring training when to space coast stadium over there and spent the week covering quote unquote the expos. They've got to talk to frank. Robinson omar menial. That's all the players and pat. Mahomes senior was a reliever on that team. And guess what. I went back and last year. I was home in much. I looked at my. I kept a journal house there and at one point i wright pat mahomes i call them pat mahomes in the journal because we didn't know senior junior. I wrote his son. Is eating popcorn with frank robinson in the dugout right now. That was pat junior the quarterback for the chiefs. I was on the same field as him. He was just like what like six or seven years old at the time. How about that. it's funny you say that. Because they they say are. I've read that like that experienced as being in the clubhouse a spotlight has kind of made him such a grounded person and sort of like handling success. I actually met him at a super bowl party. A couple of years ago just when he started the week seventeen game so before he was going to get the keys to the offense the following year and he was so pumped and he was like very like just down ground grounded and down to earth and just an awesome guide. He was very complimentary. The offense and all the bells and whistles. They had so. That's awesome that you had your notes and you went back and checked it out because those pictures of also surfaced of him as a little prince fielder yeah stuff. Surfacing although Padma mahomes is a little bit smaller then princeton. Better and better. Yes it has respective sports so our man well good. I'm glad you're fired up. I hope it's a fun weekend for you. And just wishing well and all the bills mafia and the chiefs fans do because they know they got the super bowl last year. but they're diehard. It's been all right wattage championship. They've got the. They got their title. So let's talk about conor mcgregor because you know they used to say this about tiger woods. He doesn't move the needle. He is the needle honors. Not as big as tight as it was the gulf obviously but he certainly resonates the gates. Show that the pay per views and the handle does as well where is connor right now. Because we've only seen them fight. Once in the octagon we'll see some not too long ago in a boxing match with Floyd junior but where is he like in terms of close to his peak performance. Okay so that's that's a good question. It's obviously the question. Everyone wants to going into the ceremony. Fight last year in january there were a lot of questions surrounding him because he had not fought in mma. Since october of two thousand eighteen yet not want since two thousand sixteen. He had a hellacious twenty. Nineteen all kinds of legal issues accusations in and out of court all that stuff and we were wondering. What's what's going on with this guy. Like did he just blow it. Is you never gonna return to his old self. Because when he was on fire and twenty fifteen twenty sixteen he was one of the best fighters i'd ever seen Regardless of era regardless of weight class and so he comes back and he completely rex donald ceremony at one hundred seventy pounds. Which i don't think is his natural way class. One fifty five is is much better for him and then he told us he was gonna fight at least three times in twenty twenty and he had the plans to fight pack out a boxing match. And all this stuff and of course the pandemic happens and everything gets the rail but he was hoping to come back in july in november but he was butting heads with ufc. So when i spoke to him last week. I thought that i was going to get a connor. Who was very irritated. Upset wanted to get some things off. His chest had not done any media since last january year ago feeling like he was shelled. All the stuff disrespected instead. I got the complete opposite. I got probably the most relaxed connor ever talked to. And i've been covering him since Twenty thirteen before is you have see debut usually when you talk to him. He's sitting in his chair. He's got impeccable posture. He's he's intense You know he's he's just kind of different kind of cat. When you speak them this time he was slouched in his chair. He was wearing slippers. He was very cool Calm cool collected very very relaxed and That that was a different side. I i never seen him that relaxed before his son was running around his. His fiancee was around as well. He just seemed to be a really great place And i was wondering also about the cut to one fifty five this fight portray is at one fifty five. He has not cut to one fifty five since two thousand eighteen and usually that brings its own level of your tation as well. you know. you're you're you're you're hungry all that stuff. He was not at all. Obviously he looks a little different. His faces a little thinner and whatnot but He told me the cut was going great. Everything was going great. And yes i know people say this before fights best camp ever all that stuff but it really does feel like. Everything's coming together for him and it also feels like the storm is behind him and it feels like he has figured out how to be famous and he got all.

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