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Informed the comb. Oh, afternoon news. Good afternoon. Come on, news time for Oh, too. I'm Rick Found sites in Seattle, where it's mostly cloudy. We have a few breaks in that overcast and 45 degrees. Top stories now from the coma. 24 7 News Center. Some state lawmakers remained upset. Governor Inslee did not call a special legislative session last year to approve quarantine related emergency measures. Now a bill would give the Legislature the power to call itself into session easily could have called a special session but did not. Nor did lawmakers seek a special session, partly because it's simply has never been done. The Legislature has never called itself into special session in the history of the state state Senator Andy Billig, Spokane Democrats. As it's important, the law allows for a self called special session whether or not it is ever invoked. Even just the right to do so is a really important piece in that balance of power between the different branches. Senate Bill 51 96 would codify the rules for calling such a session. Corwin Hague Co. Moh news. A group of teachers and staff will be able to return to in person learning safely because their neighboring tribe is offered to share its covert vaccines. The story from comas Ryan Harris, local tribes that sovereign nations aren't bound to the states vaccine priority faces. So the two Layla tribes called the Marysville School District and offered to vaccinate teachers and staff who would be in classrooms with students. Layla, chief administrative officer, Rochelle lovers says they started to see demand dropped as they work through their priority groups and they didn't want to sit on vaccines. We decided to just open it up to maybe a quarter of the school district population at first, just so that we have availability at our clinic every day, not only for people who still haven't got their first dose in our travel priority groups, but also our elders are starting to come in for their second dose Marries bills superintendent tells me They were very touched by the offer from their friends and neighbors. And he says, even with the whole staff Vaccinated, They'll stick with the plan to start hybrid learning February 8th. Ryan Harris. Come on, is And as we continue on the combo afternoon news, health care workers are among the first to get the covert 19 vaccine and they're pretty excited about that. But those that u dub know that the battle is not over on my way down here. Somebody told me patients time of death, So it's like Just today and That's not something that was very common before all of this started. The doctors and nurses know the vaccine is an important tool in the fight, too, and the pandemic So far, University of Washington is administered more than 52,000 doses of the vaccine to workers, community members and a patient's still too common. And coming up on Komatsu Romero some school district starting up sports programs next week, But not in Kent. What parents there have to say about that. We'll have that story. Right after we check traffic.

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