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As it should be it's zero love for former tennis star boris becker and wife lily who have announced they've separated german news agency dp reports a lawyer representing the couple in berlin confirmed the breakup christopher oliver moser told dpa the decision after a thirteen year long relationship and nine years of marriage wasn't an easy one and he called the separation amicable he says becker who's fifty and his dutch model wife who's forty one now focusing on the wellbeing of their son amadeus in recent years the three time wimbledon champ has mainly made headlines with rumors about his financial problems pastic products like cotton buds straws stirs and balloon sticks could also be banned by the european union in an attempt to cut marine litter the european commission said it's proposal would seek to cut marine litter in half for the ten most prominent items and avoid environmental damage estimated at over two hundred fifty billion dollars over the next dozen years e you vice president frans timmermans said utensils would not be banned completely but steps would be taken to have they made out of sustainable materials when possible the proposal will now be sacked by the eu parliament and member states but timmermans hopes to see results before may twenty nineteen it's business as usual for tennis great and now mom serena williams ap's met brown reports from paris where she made a winning return to grand slam tennis at the french open when he three times grand slam champions battled into the second round with a seven six six four win over christina plus kava having barely played since winning the two thousand seventeen is strategy and opened to having a baby last year the american was noticeably rusty but suit well enough to win means defending champ rafael nidal was pushed all the way in the food seat by talion simoni bolelli back clinch the tiebreaker live nine to complete a straight seats fist round victory matt brown paris.

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