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Show breaking news breaking news you hear on the news every day because breaking you know i'm going to have a big announcement the next time i come in and but if you guys want to know a head of time text innocent g two to eight what is it to two eight two eight yeah it's two two eight two eight yeah i hate that starts with a two because you say text two eight to one too many to makes me want to get all right we will take a quick break we'll do a little good sports we'll come back with marc right after that not talk oh bill material the reason the show is called cocco material is because tempted to get a job at the taco bell in north hollywood that was by my house and they said thanks we're looking for a slightly higher caliber retard may seventeenth at cleveland's agora theatre and may team in detroit at the royal oak now i'm out on my own and moved onto the fast pace lucrative world of carpet cleaning where high school diploma will only slow you down people adam corolla not talk oh bell material get your tickets now with adam corolla dot com if you're thinking about of grading to a riding mower make a path to the home depot right now the pool in pro forty two inch models just eleven thirty nine it's nineteen horsepower briggs and stratton engine power through even the thickest grass and it's rugged reinforce steel cutting deck with ten year warranty keep you going and mowing for a very long time the pool and pro forty two inch writing more just eleven thirty nine now at the home depot more saving more doing us only.

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