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We're looking forward to in January twenty nineteen on the eighteenth will be opening if Beale street could talk which is the latest film from Barry Jenkins Oscar winner for moonlights and based on a story by James Baldwin. So we're really excited for that. Lou twenty working on these days continuing project is sort of being Facebook and someone for marks oilfields questions on mocks. Oh, foles do keep coming in. And I'm trying also in that same. Area to get myself ready for all you commentary for the exile, which is showing signs of life. It was screened at Walter Reed theater. One of the best theaters. The on the big screen, which is one of four spectacle, film like that. Yeah. So I'm hoping that'll come it'd be the last one for me to do and they Merican foams and Cam, what's the latest Abusir? I've actually been trusted ended a video for an art installation. That will be coming up in January. But I can't give too many details because I'm not sure of the participants for one thing. I don't know if this is gonna air before after so doesn't really make sense. I'm just laying guys that know that I'm not a good for nothing L. Okay, involved in something you not a gave out again about I try to get about as much as possible. Not totally useless. And I expect I will be on an upcoming episode of the projection. Okay, good. Well, you will be on hair next week for sure. Well, thanks again guys for being on the show. Thanks.

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