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I i wanna talk about the nine hundred dollar. Pet cube bites cameras so pet cube actually has several several different products. There's the pet cube. The cube bites to the pet cube to all these different products but what i have is their first model of pet q. few bites and it is honestly a bit of a behemoth so this bad boy has a one hundred thirty eight degree wide angle camera streams and beautiful ten eighty p h._d. You get this really long u._s._b. Cable here and this plugs into the side of the device and you'll see that the l._e._d. Lights up and that is when you can start using the app to connect it. Of course i've already connected to the wifi for the sake of you know. It's kind of like one of those. <hes> cooking shows where they've got every part of the meal under the table. We've already got it set up so you'll hear chime when the cameras connected and that's good because there is actually sharing feature that allows you to give other people access to your pet cube cam and that way you know if the dog's grandma which is what my mom likes to call herself wants to get access than i know that hey oh she's checking in to see the dogs and possibly wants wants to send them a treat or two so you will see a screen that shows you the live access of that a camera there that ten eighty p camera and what's cool is regardless of whether you know you have to step out during the day or step out during the night. There is an infrared l._e._d. The provides a little bit of night vision so this consents consents when it's dark and let you see it's also got both microphone and speaker built in so that way you can actually talk to your pets even if you're not around them and and hear them talk back to you but the magic of this pet you bites. Cam is the wapping container at the top. They can hold two pounds of treats. That's about one hundred treats now. This is pretty nifty because they've made this dishwasher safe so when you're done when you it's time to fill in some new treats what's or what have you you can wash my hand if you want to but it's super nice because i can pop that bad boy in the dishwasher. Get a going and know that it's good to go now. You can have treats up to one inch in size. I do recommend a little bit smaller than that. <hes> these ones are are pretty small but the the most important thing is that there are a little bit crunchy so so the crunchy treats are great because they're not going to get stuck in the part that will actually allow you to fling these treats at your pet. Yes that is the exciting thing about the pet bites cam instead it flings treats for your dog so whether you're actually you know at the home or your way you can go ahead and fling those streets up to six feet now. The neat thing is that you can also schedule will treat flinging so you can imagine you know if you go to work and your dogs or at home then i can go ahead and set up a schedule and say hey <hes> about. I don't know noon every day right after they've had their lunch then. Maybe i want to give them a few treats. They'll hear that chime hi. I'm come on and they will know hey. It's time to <hes> go and have myself a treat so i'm going to show you how the flinging process works in the bottom left corner of the screen when i turn my phone to the side which is kind of neat. It works <hes> in in both portrait and landscape. There's a little doggy bone and this dog bone. <hes> is the way that you fling treats. Now you can sort of fling the bone <hes> a a small distance in the camera a middle distance in the camera camera or very far and depending on where you drop it. That's going to show how far the treat flings so. I'm going to do a long shot here and we have in the studio trying to catch the treats. That is the the longchamps. I'm going to you another one here. Ooh there's going to be a few here. We go so of course the dogs. Go running to the ground to try and get those treats out of the treat slinger <hes> from there you can also turn off of course the treat fleeing option hit the microphone phone button. You're going to get a lot of feedback if you're next to it but if you're not next to it that's a great way to say hey. The treats are coming. The dogs come runnin they wait. I shouldn't just say dogs though you could also have cats as well you can easily take a photo or take a video from this screen as well now. One of the things that i really like about the pet cube bites cam is that it comes with this really great gritty surface on the bottom so that means that that you don't necessarily have to put it up on a wall which i'll talk about in a second but you can also just sit on a shelf or onto a cabinet or something that you have in your home and for those curious about this little door here this is if you ever get a treat that gets jammed into the treat dispenser you flip that open you get in there and you can easily easily clean out the treats you can see. There's some <hes> treat dust which reminds me of cheeto dust <hes> dust that over time you know you get in there as well now on on the back of this camera you can see i've got two mounting holes here so this allows you to mounted on a wall and that was actually the method that i i liked to us <hes> because it more secure and i could put it low to the ground and watch my dogs from there so either option is available. What i think's that's pretty neat is that pet cube actually ships with a mounting template most of the time when you want to mount something you got to do it yourself. You've got to come up with a way to mark pencil scratches on the wall. Would have you just comes with a great mounting template that lets you figure out where the holes are get lined up. Lock it down and you're good to go. We'll show. Are you one more thing here. This is the lock for the container on top and so i can flip that open and hold that and then this will pop off now if i pop this off right now all those treats are gonna comporting out so i'm not going to do that even though i think anthony zoomed out because he wanted me to but that is not a spectacle that i am down for today okay so i'm going to push that back down. Sorry anthony and flip that bad boy back around and that is <hes> the headq- bites camera so let's talk about video video now. There is a free version that comes with every single <hes> camera that you get. You're gonna get live video streaming. Which is where you check in with the gap. You're gonna get four hours video history so you can think of that for the day you leave you go somewhere for three four hours and when you come back that's that's gonna be saved for you. In the app you can go and say okay. I know what my dog was doing. At this time and i can see sort of oh my dog ran in front of the camera and there was a bit of an activity alert but there is also the pet cube care subscription. Now you automatically get a fourteen day. Free trial whenever you sign up for whenever you first open and sign coming up in the app for the pet cube bites or pet cube subscription now they they come in two different versions. There's the optimal version which is three ninety nine nine months and that gives you three days video history so maybe you go on vacation and you have somebody who comes in and checks on the dog while you're away. You're gonna get three days of video history and you're are gonna be able to save thirty second video clips. So if you dog does something hilarious while you're gone then you could easily say about that video clip and shared on social media. They're also smart alerts so it can tell the difference between barks between meows and between people and of course there's filtering for each of those so when i go into the app i can say i just wanna see when you recognize. It's the bark or i just wanna see when you recognize a me our person walking by then you're all going to get ten video download owed so those are full videos not just the clips that you can save from the cloud all within.

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