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I'm emma and his well and welcome to another calms us. Wanna do nothing talk hilton we. I literally thought you were going to say. How are you doing. And i was gonna say thank you copy hoping the only thing i can think of it. I can't believe that one person who isn't even a main house. Life is giving us so much iconic content she is genuinely such a hoot and i love twitter and instagram. Everybody just meaning her and catching all these fucking hilarious moments. i'm obsessed. It's a really great feeling when everybody's on the same page because you watch it and you think she's outrageous in the best way possible but then you go on social media and you see that everybody else is having the same experience and it's such a sense of like camaraderie around finding out a whole new side of this woman's personality that you thought you knew who she was because she's paris hilton's mom and it's a really fun experience to be a part of. Oh it absolutely thrilling and it really had me laughing last night. So we'll get into beverly hills in new york in a moment. We just wanted to go over some of the news this week because the first thing is this gen chicago on me. I know it's been shutdown was only up for twenty four hours. Basically her cousin started it. The subtext wrote were asking ten thousand carrying souls to donate two point. Five million is facing decades incarcerated in prison separated from her family. She's unable to mount a competent and well-thought-out defense in seven weeks jet and her family has spent over one hundred. Thirty eight thousand and legal fees and costs my family's asking for your help for gen. And the shaw family and it raised two hundred twenty five dollars before it was shut down after so many people reported it but that is something that really did happen. That was not just a mean. No it was not just a mean. At first glance. I think everybody thought that it was just a joke. Because we've seen people create a fun for mikey mendon. When erica's legal woes came out as a joke but this was fully not a joke. Go on removed it and they said it violated their terms of service which i think later on its head There's they can't raise money for legal defense for alleged crimes associated with financial crimes or crimes of deception. How often do you see a gofundme shutdown. Usually there for a really good. 'cause the whole thing was just crazy. I can't even believe that they raise two hundred and twenty five dollars at all. Yeah the whole thing was wild. I mean i. I don't know how this is going to go down. We'll see it. I just every time something comes out about either her or even if it's something as simple as an instagram story where she's in glam. I really can't believe she's real. I know it's very true. I i just wanna like what she's thinking what she's saying and the best part is we're gonna get to watch it. Yes we are then. In other news that we originally thought was fake and then turned out to be real ensure you. I'm sure you guys saw this. But who announced a new documentary in abc news original call the house life and the hustler. They dropped the teaser on wednesday. It airs on june fourteenth. And basically kinda just highlights the arrogant tom situation. Apparently it will also include voicemail messages court records and and never before air deposition tape of tom according to abc news and then in some of the previews that we saw some of the commentators are heather mcdonald. Dana wilkie who you guys remember was a former house if beverly hills danielle staub. I don't know how she got herself in that mix legal experts and a bunch of other people something about dana wilkie who is famous for having twenty five thousand dollars sunglasses and danielle staub being like the highlight commentators on. A documentary is so sad. I'm really interested to see all the clips and everything they've pulled together but nothing has happened yet. Like if there are things that are quote new that no one has seen or heard before. I'm interested in that but otherwise this is just like a glorified breakdown of all of the headlines of things that we know and also speculation. I don't think anything is coming from their camp or any. I don't know. I want the documentary. Done right at the end no me to. Let's be honest. we're going to watch it because why wouldn't we league does only real question. Yeah i know. I don't know i'm curious. I mean listen. I guess it was a smart move on their part because people are so interested in this honestly want so much more than they know. They're not gonna get it for a little while so i guess it was a smart move but i was wondering the same thing like how much actual content that is new. Will there be. i don't know right. I think this will be a good thing for people who just want a lot of the backstory more of the history. Kind of a breakdown of things that we've seen in heard from sources but i'm picturing more like a really thorough documentary when everything is over maybe a year or two when things have been settled more and we can actually hear from erica or tom or their lawyers are people actually close to the case. Not dana end her sunglasses. Yeah i mean the one last thing that i will say on. This is for myself personally. I'll watch it but the reason. I'm actually happy is because this is the kind of thing i want to show to my family members that are kind of interested but don't really get it. My dad people like that who don't watch bravo but still wanna know what's going on that. I've tried to explain things to and they just need to see a visual. Like it's a great level. One explainer if you have somebody in your life. That isn't as deepen as you. But you want them to kind of understand it. Yes and it's probably something great for us to watch while we're watching beverly hills at the exact same time to see what was going on when some of the parallels may be things that they pick up on and i. I'm excited i don't know i. I love documentary. So i'll never say no but it just really caught me off guard. I one hundred percents sure. It was a fake just because some of these bravo mean accounts are actually pretty prolific and of the things that they create so i thought that one of them just made this really phenomenally done almost professional looking thing and i realize holy shit. These are real people talking. This is legit. I know. And i heard like fergie glamorous and i was like oh my god is this mean only. I'm movie this is like a glorified slide show of you're right. It just seemed fake. I couldn't believe it because if feels so fast thorough documentary together but yet we'll watch and obviously will be talking about it here so stay tuned and then lasting news wise. We wanted to talk about was remember. Last week we were kind of breaking down the whole dina caroline situation. And we'd heard from lexi just that she was kind of sharing some memes on her story commenting on them a little bit. Obviously pro deny anti caroline andina had left a few comments here and there but albie which recently was the first of the manzo kids to speak on anything. He left a comment on his own photo. And said oh real quick before anyone gets excited that someone with the last name manzo posted something. So your klaus chance to leave baseless comments like you think you know something. I haven't been silent. I've been busy that it had just about enough of this bullshit. And you'll be hearing from me soon. Don't you worry in the meantime mama there. You're the strongest woman. I know i love and admire you more than ever understand and then i saw this on twitter so i haven't one hundred percent confirmed what photo it's on yet but a username. Dancy eleven o six caught dina commenting on something replying to someone. And she wrote o- shocking going to speak on it on his podcast for the downloads with the rolling i- emoji. Unfortunately this will just be a coach. Storyline to profit. From what a shame. Yeah as if it wasn't already messy than the kids are involved in going back and forth. I mean i don't know. I guess it's at a certain point. The first thing that he would post you kind of have to address it any probably expected all of the comments to be about that. So i don't know i don't. There's not really much to say. I feel like there's going to be the little things adding on week by week and then at a certain point.

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