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Arranging her extradition to Colorado Gannon stock has been missing since January twenty seventh his stepmother Latisha since she last saw him on the afternoon of the twenty seventh when he left there. Colorado Springs home to walk over to a friend's house. The problem is Latisha. Couldn't name the friend that Gannon supposedly went to visit. Kenan was initially considered a runaway but three days later his status was changed to missing an endangered due to his age and the fact that he required daily medication despite logging nearly nine thousand search hours in the weeks since Gannon disappeared. The boys not been found in media interviews and social media posts Latisha. The last person is again alive. Gave consistently changing accounts of the timeline leading up to his disappearance. A neighbor of the families found his surveillance camera captured. Gannon and Latisha leaving the house together on Monday morning and Latisha returning alone in the afternoon. Crime scene teams were also seen removing items from the House on several occasions. Investigators were unable to detail. The evidence the letter Latifah's rest but sheriff's Lieutenant did say they've received new information that should help narrow down the search for Gannon's body Gannon's biological parents Al Starch and Lenin High also spoke at the press conference all-stock said quote. The person who committed this heinous horrible crime is one I gave more than anyone else on the planet and that is a burden. I will carry with me for a very long time. Landon said she'd received the worst and best news quote. Obviously we know the worst news is but the best news is the justice will be served and I'll make sure the justice is served because my boy did not deserve any of this happened to him. That'll do it for today's episode of Sword Unskilled Daily. We'll see you back here tomorrow. And until then stay safe. Sword end scale. Daily is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Williams Research and writing by Garba rock executive producer. Mike Budi if you like the show subscribe and leave us a review if you have any feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at sorting scale of DOT com..

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