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So I am actually private pilots a lot of insight into the the aviation world as well, and if there's ever an accident pilots dive into that, right whether you know it was a simple hangar rash accident for you Kinda just. Dented, you're playing on the hanger. Everyone's supposed to go back and say, okay, I reflect on this. What did we do? Wrong where can we do better and so we've been starting to implement what I call lessons learned whether it's a quick email from everybody who participated in something just saying, okay. Let's talk about what we did really well, and let's talk about where we could have improved or if it's something that's a little bit more complicated getting everybody together and having a more difficult discussion you know something a little bit sideways. How do we get together and talk about that? The other thing we're trying to do is Kind of be more proactive as well. So like with our bio mechanics team were really starting. We're actually GONNA start having a bio mechanics, grand rounds and really start saying okay. Let's start learning from each other. Let's actually present on what we're doing and open it up to comments and those types of things and I know one of your specific areas as well as how'd you take break these silos in one of the things about the silos is that? y'All speak a different language and there's a little bit of ego that comes into it as well. Right I mean you end up with a lot of people who are experts in their fields trying to talk about something that's very much related to their field but I'll talk about a differently and they all see it a little bit differently we all. Bring in our own perceptions and our biases in our expertise that all kind of can cause people to to butt heads and so one of the things we're always trying to work on as well as hearing other people and challenging other people respectfully and professionally because we can challenge.

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