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Game. Without a lot of goals. There's been a lot of action blue jackets on top one to nothing here. The lay going period number two during the second intermission. We'll talk with Jessica vote of blue jackets dot com. Gillette? It's back to Bob Miguel again for the play by play. Neutral zone face off right near the capital's bench. Corporate solo has faced fourteen shots in this game gang tip with thirteen shots on net. Not all of those on Phoenix Capri he just came into the game earlier this period. To take over portrayed. Hope you stick in the eye. By the capital. Carlson launches the puck in on corpus follow. He just catches it holds onto it not a bad idea here. This is this is the team that leads the metropolitan division. They are the defending Stanley Cup champs. Just play simple as you can't against this team. You don't. Don't make mistakes. Jackets have been. Minding your Ps and qs if you will so far during this game, so far, but Washington again wins the draw and John Carlson. Loses control of the puck on the blue line. Another face off coming in the neutral zone. There is something about skyline. Jeez. Kony's in three ways that make people feel good. Is that secret recipe? Chili topped with skylines. Amazing. Jeter cheese fairly good. It's styling. Faceoff will go back into the capital's own begun Carlson goes to pick up the. Michael campaign plays. It ahead to Alex. Ovechkin did tipped away. Ovechkin had no idea. Here comes our Tammy Pinera. The capital zone. Plays it around behind the net. The p r Luke DuBois all settled settles down off the back, and he'll send it in the direction of Atkinson. There was confusion between Atkinson Pinera there because it's going to get it vice versa. The capital's come out with it. And it's Ovechkin makes at disappeared. Blue line puck over for Michael company now to John Carlson with a shot that deflects off of corporate silo those to the far wall. Now to the blue line this shot went wide of the net. David Savard plays it off the back into our Tammy Panara nita's Senate where do balk at skated outside the blue line. Tom Wilson makes a steel though. And Alex Ovechkin with a pass attempt that goes off a skate. I stick rather than it goes way up the air settled down by getting crews nets off of that cops it up to our Tammy Panara. He cuts Texas shoddy lifted over top of the net and off the glass. Was at the end of the shift there. He didn't wasn't able to take the route that he wanted to take Anderson keeps the puck and his own finds pedestrian in his past ten for boo. Jeter did get to Josh Anderson will pick up the puck now on a feat for the blue line. After a great hold all the live by the Kucan Anderson goes to the end boards place it right wing side. Nick Felino Elsa pass across intended for Scott Harrington but out of his reach back out to the neutral zone again where Kuchen will leave it for Jenner. Jenner will just send it off the glass of back into the capital. Head four minutes remains here in period, number two. The baggage with a wanted lead that they've held ever since the first minute of regulation time fat clear by the capital's. Here's felino. He's interest to make a pass to Jeter, and he did too much should should've shot the puck. I think Dr. Tried to dangle around the guy the cops it up here. Come the of Jacob Borana as the puck at the top of the left wing circle. Play down behind that ad for nNcholas Backstrom factor of little blue line. Stephen Haller is there get a stick to him. And they will take the bucket cleared off the glass or the neutral zone. Good work there, Kenner Anderson Kuchen all get together. Combining to make that play. Washington. Backstrom centered on the left side Brooks orbit across the ice, Dorada shoot. Santa's pop by corporate follow and he holds onto it with three minutes. Fifteen seconds left in the second period. A one that nothing gain a tenuously. Dear the blue jackets, but a lead nonetheless. Felino TIMMY player in both had good looks and opportunities. Couldn't get the puck to cooperate apparen-. He could need to shot. His wife was trying to go up a right hand corner. Then Felino tried to pass it the Jenner in the passage through at to looking at the replay the past gets through to goal, but the defendant laid a stick out on the ice took it away. Here the capitals with another shot, and again, it's Musalo making the catched About Schmidt Pelly is the guy that took that show. So as long as it keeps shooting it right to the rest of the jersey. Saulo be okay. He's got black marks on the jersey. From the the rubber with the puck is made out of. Mcdowell take face off against Alexander went Berg. Dow. The win on that draw. Good job by Marcus, dude. Vara stepping into the Smith Peillon. The puck off his stick and outs Lindbergh that'll get it out to the neutral zone goes left side at Aw off the stick of Anthony declare he would have been off to the races. Now, the capital is on the counter attacked out has the puck and is passed got knocked away initially by Kevin Stadler puck to the far wall. Devante Smith Pelly off the back end placed out for doubt. He get stepped into by Navarra allowing chef Jones to put the puck in the air. And unfortunately, it does not get the bounce blue jackets wanted. It will go far enough to be ruled in icicle. Faceoff will be in the left wing circle of the blue jagged zone. Seventeen shots on goal for Washington. Thirteen for the blue jackets. Again, the blue jackets lead by the score of one to nothing. Zeller facing off against Alexander Winberg Winberg easily win to Seth Jones around the boards, but not out. Back down along the boards. Travis Boyd Knox. The stick shift Jones out of out sets hands. Here's a shot from the blue line at vista. That comes off the end boards hit the back of the net. Allowing noodle VAR to get it to Wynberg who. Now, find Seth Jones up the left wing side. It's Anthony declare throws. It ahead. The capital's can't play it or they'll be guilty of the hand pass declare takes full advantage of that plays. It back inside of the Washington under two minutes to play here in period number two, and we have an icing call against the capital. Now, all of a sudden thinks you're getting tough for the blue jackets here. But they're hanging tough with.

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