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Sadler's very good his death in it yeah but uh but yeah it it bums me out now older people people are age now say oh groceries way cooler and way better through that area but i think that's something that comes with age you know faith no more and primus are both and bogus churn uh i didn't know they were in it but i know they're on the soundtrack i bought i owned to this day that soundtrack for the faith no more song on it because uh that's the only weak get it pat anyway listen were forty four minutes in we haven't even come within a breath of a well that's fine because i imagine we're not going to have much to say here of you're talking about what i thought was the third in the franchise even though i've seen the other three and realized morning of that it was the fourth insidious colon the last key here i mean joe walker's through the franchises a whole very quickly if you would well insidious you when i did and said he has three on here i believe i think we did and i don't think we had a lot of nice things to say uh insidious is a phenomenal are moving it's one of the the better horror movies to have been made in the last fifteen years or ten years whatever it's been stars patrick wilson arose burn their son has a demon attached to him he's in a coma because this demon has this kid trapped in a place called the further uh and patrick wilson has to go into the further and release and safe his son and then you find out the petra wilson had also been subjected to this as a child it's an awesome movie it's scary it's not it doesn't rely on jolt scares there are jolt scares but that's not all that there are there's a really terrifying scene of a old man baby dancing to like nine.

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