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Decades. Pope Francis defrocked the 90 year old McCarrick last year following a two year investigation from the Church report also says that Vatican officials downplay the accounts of abuse from the Washington archbishop who also served in New York and New Jersey, keeping him in power as one of the most prominent American leaders in the Catholic Church here. The report goes on to say that former pope's John Paul the second and Benedict knew of the ex cardinals misconduct and his devil. BBC's Karen Regal reports. There's a Boston connection, and 2015 Cardinal Sean O'Malley was sent a letter warning of Theodore McCarrick behavior, alleging the different cardinal would often abuse others. O'Malley says he never saw that letter in 2018. O'Malley apologized. O'Malley was sent the letter because of his position with the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors. Karen Regal W B Z Boston's news radio coming up amid a coded surge of possible glimmer of hope, also new information about a small plane crash locally right now, 1 33. We'll check crashes on the roads and also the backups. Every 10 minutes with a super retailers up New England all will drive. Traffic on the threes. Here's Kevin Brennan. All right, Laurie, heading into downtown Boston, 93 South bound now moving much better over the lower deck and say, Come bridge. You do have a lot of company inside the O'Neill tunnel. But then you seem to break loose here. Once you get on that expressway south bound not to bad coming down through massive and savin hill. But then you're quite heavy now from Furnace Brook Parkway getting to a crash at the Braintree Split North found 10 minutes to get up into the tunnel for 95 south bound over a mile back up. A work crew after Route 24 Rain Ham Route three is looking pretty good off the expressway down through Derby Street that route to westbound slowdowns into the work crew at 4 to 25 exit 56 Lexington. Just that left lane is getting by upper and 1 20 eights looking good through Lexington itself. And Burlington for 95. North Bounds. Cut your brake Light's getting by the right lane closure.

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