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Listen i wanna both of your argument and say you know i'm a garang fan but i don't like what he did um the reasoning of one game i believe is because the nfl knows the game that's coming up shortly against pittsburgh right but they also have monday night football is this i know the pittsburgh new england game is a bigger deal but monday night football was now is nothing generally to sneeze at it's not the same thing as steelers patriots but london a football still monday night football no ground cow skis there i again maybe on dead wrong but if gone caosc ski had had a history of doing this he wouldn't have been suspended only one game ari green curry don't warner ruin there uh recruit agree game lake cook were boss and until which i'm like oh yeah yeah yeah i'm yeah now he writes i re but so so the growing caskey suspension in your eyes is just an nfl basically pulling the plug in making sure it protects the product i i mean i do understand that i don't necessarily agree with it but i do understand it i do wonder if the nfl is in cahoots with all the tv partners and all the i may i mean they have to be to some degree there has to be some common sense hey you know what we've got this really big game coming up everybody is going to be talking about it we can't have one of our superstars out i'm not saying this is the sole reason robert yeah corker i have to warn the year where peter kern are already and.

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