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They're left tackle that. They basically coaxed out of retirement over in San Francisco over there to be large and in charge on the left side of their line. Rob gronkowski looked healthier than we had seen in a while. And you heard him in the bump back there. But as gronk said, even he gets a chance to enjoy this one the game is over and you haven't started preparing for next week it. So he thought right now about that. My thoughts about right now. Then I'm gonna have to enjoy the win. That's what we do. You get one night to enjoy the win actually around here, you do you get one night? And then when you wake up tomorrow morning, and it's on the Kansas City. So get a couple of hours. So I'll be doing that. And then I'll be thinking about next week. And while that's the fun sound that we get to hear because we know the way gronk enjoys games. And so you have to imagine the way the gronk enjoys wins matches that in a way that terrifies Bill bell Jack a bit considering Bronx physical state for most of the season. But no, no, no, it's it's what Tom Brady told you after the game yesterday that should scare the ever loving hell out of you. It's the thing like everything about the patriots threatens to render the rest of the NFL season meaningless. They are truly the white walkers for you game of thrones fan, the white walkers represent all of our fear in the series that nothing that has happened for the rest of the plotline will matter because this one. Unstoppable force will come in a raise everything at the end of this. That is what the patriots truly threatened to be. This is season eight of game of thrones. And the patriots are at the helm Tom Brady is the night king. And when he stood up yesterday at the end of the game and said, well, people think we stink. And don't think that we can win any games. So we'll see what happens that was the window into his soul you needed. This is a slighted patriot outfit. They're a patriot outfit. The despite canceling the noise better than any team. Here's everything that you were saying about them, and they're mad and that scares the hell out of me first. And last the podcast indeed knows finding the right hire takes time away from.

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