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You're listening to npr news a bestselling author who wrote about women's sexuality has died en pierce netted willoughby reports nancy friday died yesterday at her home in manhattan nancy friday interviewed hundreds of women for her 1973 book my secret garden women sexual fantasies for the time the topic was staring and for many of its readers groundbreaking friday became known as an expert on sexuality and fantasy she wrote a number of other books on the topic and was a frequent guest on tv talk shows that the 1970s nancy friday died of alzheimer's disease she was eighty four years old npr's net at labi vietnam is rushing to clean up after a devastating typhoon that killed nearly fifty people and left twenty seven others missing npr's anthony kyun reports from beijing the typhoon hit just a week before president trump and regional leaders are due to attend a summit in vietnam typhoon damri level two thousand homes and damaged another eighty thousand after making landfall near the central vietnamese city of nha trang on saturday tens of thousands of people were evacuated from districts around who she minhcity were hurricaneforce winds pulled up trees flooded streets and toppled telephone poles authorities mobilized soldiers and residents to clean up the beach resort of denying where president trump will join the asiapacific economic cooperation forum are apec summit on saturday organizers say the summit will go ahead as scheduled anthony kuhn npr news beijing the national weather service is checking reports of suspected tornadoes in ohio and indiana at least eight people were hurt in yesterday's storms there were reports of substantial damage in the area.

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