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Birth defects have been linked to toxic chemicals and solvents used in semiconductor in Computer chip clean rooms. If you were working in Motorola or any other semiconductor plant, and your child was born with skeletal Oregon or limb, deformities, blindness, terrible policy, genetic damage or other problems, they could be entitled to compensation. Call the law Office of Plattner Verte Rommie now before any more time slips away, call 183355 toxic. 183355 toxic 183355 toxic If you are a current or former semi conductor and microelectronics worker for Motorola or any other semiconductor plant, and your child is suffering from birth defects. You must call the law office of Plattner Verte, Rommie and Phoenix right now, 183355 toxic 183355 toxic. 183355 toxic and get them the compensation they deserve. Three. Dr John Baloney. Ramsey. Personality is my co host. Today. I am Dave Ramsey, your host in the lobby of Ramsey Solutions on the debt Free stage, Daniel and Laurier with us. Hey, guys, How are you? Better than we deserve. I love it. What do you guys live? Dayton, Tennessee. Oh,.

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