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Have made the title of your book. Man of constant sorrow. It's a memoir is your heart representing a man of constant sorrow well I guess you might say it has a feeling thank you. Tell that through frazier and everything. What is it that you feel so deeply that is that constant sorrow royal leg. It'd be a lot of things I guess it would cause that. But i don't know can just When i hear that the male in about lack song like that i just I i like the mail either song really actually better than the word. And that's why. I guess i can put more any. You know more feeling in it does Locks melanie i would like to know about your brother. Carter and held. The two of you began singing together where we were very young. Carter and me and Her daddy boda oldfield kgo radio in nineteen thirty six and they you know there was the grand old la brea nourished early morning shows and we started listening to music like that and got interested in it and here we are dry and the idea of singing together is sort of taking. The two of you together on the road was that more. Carter's idea than yours well I guess actually probably he He was he was a leader in it. Yes he of course i. I wasn't hard influence in our raised to join in and do what good you were ready to join him. Because you love this singing because you loved that banjo. I think it was born and bred in me really. Yes did your daddy also play that banjo. No no you didn't play anything and he You know he didn't sing anywhere except around home and men. He'd sang in church in He was very. He was little bit backward. Maybe like i am gas and Do you think you'd backward. Well sometimes thank. I am and that. I don't know i try not to be. How do you think your court. Well i i. It's hard to change. I just don't know you just sort of feel. Maybe i'm not gifted you noda thank a word to say or something but Do the best. But you know your music says so much about you. That backward is not a word that anyone would apply to. You is so to think it may be shy. Well that sounds better. Shies sounds better and i think. Shy is a lovely characteristic. In course now. I'm out of love. That show now goes sixty three years. Yeah long time. Been doing this sixty three years so you gotta get over and past your shyness when you go out there and see a thousand or ten thousand people waiting for you. Don't crowd. don't bother me one bit now. i'm all. I'm all out of that. Course you have an honorary doctorate don't you. yes i do. You are in fact. Dr ralph stanley. The that's what to call me. And i have so many awards as lively. Now let's hear you an carter together.

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