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Welcome back to mafia and in this audio boom original podcast series we explore america's criminal underworld to reveal the lives and careers of its greatest gangsters our sponsor for this episode of mafia is hymns ben siegel wasn't a make pretend tough guy he was out and out killer he was driven by power money status and sex bugsy siegel is an american mob legend he's the guy who dreamt up las vegas he put the glitz and glamour into sin city this is muffin benjamin bugsy siegel grew up in brooklyn and by a young age had already developed a reputation for violence and a flair for making a buck through theft and extortion he was desperate to prove himself but in the nineteen twenties opportunities for jewish hoodlums were severely limited ernest volkmann author of gang bangers you had roy stick divisions between the various ethnic gangs jews didn't even go into talion woods atanas didn't even go onto jewish naval it's much less cooperate on crime but in nineteen twenty nine the world opened up for young siegel when an up and coming talion american mastermind charles lucky luchino realized that segregation of the different ethnic criminal groups was bad for business here was luchino saying we're going to cooperate i don't care these jewish he doesn't care from it down guess what she just donald bill here okay does that look jewish your talion to you is pretty neutral right that was his point if you if you organize and you put her on a business basis who the hell cares what you are doesn't doesn't make any difference that whole distinction doesn't make any sense anymore a true capitalist doesn't care about race or religion eric doesn't whole author of the devil himself and luchino recognized that if you keep the rackets just to italian 's you cut out a lot of great earners.

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