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That was mean or rude or weird or who was giving it would depend on what my relationship was with them prior to that like i if boston robbed me on that she all sorts of oil kind of a jerk move detail deodorizer if gentlema rascal kissed me on the cheek before i have hold off in a it would be a different contacts at and i'm not saying it like a because that's a girl that on saying it because it might be like a you know hey i i did this because that you know you'll win help you out so i think it really just depends on the contact with has anybody else jumped out or emerged as i think ties basically have stayed galley the same but i just feel like it i like new blood and i like and i actually think it's also getting people andrea who even though the third time playing this is her most for me like legendary appearance again added art slow those on very very slow which i took is a good sign because like you get you can get a lot of airtime pretty easy if you're a panicky over strategizing nut which i think over strategizing was her downfall before so the fact that she corrected for that i think is very very good some i've i like the new blood absorbs running around i'm glad that its new faces that have been a shifting line situation unhappy with the guy meghan z wants to know who would be the ideal cast of survivors to fill your family for family feud.

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