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Let's say our hip extension based okay, so hip, hinge, Daedalus squats swings on you'll progress up to doing snatches, even you know, push press, jerks, and everything is very post your dominant, not only that you have your goods. But you also have your back, your lattes are helping stabilize your spine. So when you you properly pack, your scapula retract, a press throughout a lot of the movements that you will be doing. Although you might think that you're just primarily using your legs and your shoulders so much of the work that you don't really think about is getting done in that that upper bodies, you know, post here in the questions. So there really is so much more going. On with kettle bell training them people even realize. Yeah. And it has they have broken out. I mean, you can find you can find a pink or a yellow keto bell in Marshall's. You know, what I mean like, they're they they are not what they were twenty years ago. I mean, I don't think anybody even knew what the heck accountable was. Russia right where they kind that's where they obviously, you know, kinda came over from. But they have have definitely broken through. And and definitely more of you know, general pop use now for sure so I mean, jeez. Would you get yourself one or para kettlebells, and you are often running, and my I mean, we my wife, I remember I got some kettlebells for her years ago as like a I think Christmas, or you know, it was like a and she was she uses those still because they sit over by the TV center where we have our entertainment center. There's three kettlebells sitting on the ground.

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