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Story of the day here in southern california weather wise is that high surf it's gotta be with us for another day or so this high surf advisory in effect until eight o'clock tomorrow night but you're still going to see surf about as high as your head through wednesday start until late thursday into friday when that really slackens off it's all because of this hurricane that's well off to our south it's creating this big swell on land it's going to be sunny and warm highs ranging from mid seventies at the coast who've midnineties in the valleys big cool out in store several days from now in corona eighty to seventy seven in santa ana and venice beach seventy two degrees at eleven thirty seven do more la schools need more police on campus or more help from the community that's discussion right now live to la city hall or refined knx ten seventy s craig wagner this is a panel of people being led by the la city attorney and they're taking up that issue right now kind of talking through the ways that different schools will react if they simply were to put more police officers on campus again the goal here is to figure out ways to make schools safer give a listen to the discussion the goal of police within communities are not necessarily making students feel safer there is a real racial dichotomy in this country around the role of police and who feel safer and feels less safe when the police are called are actively involved and an apparent invisible this is the final seven meetings for this panel they'll be making recommendations to the superintendent of the school boards at the state legislature the priority for them to come up with a list of recommendations on school safety everything from gun issues to mental health live at la city hall craig figure knx newsradio anaheim mayor tom tate says he's coming back from the conference of mayors in boston with a new idea for tackling the housing crisis he tells kate exits a service to get people into unused rome application that will almost like an uber connecting seniors living alone and big homes with people looking to maybe rent a couple of.

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