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Many too many medical procedures and interventions are being overlooked because of people clogging the emergency rooms from covert nineteen. So we can learn lessons from the past and I learned a lot on this porch about how not to be afraid and to Coche show courage in the face of this virus. It's the best way to beat it, and we also have to embrace technology that we're using to beat at the treatments that are coming out the and the monoclonal antibodies, the antivirals, the steroids, and finally the vaccines I embraced the idea that these vaccines are coming at light speed at warp speed. Yeah. Very well, I don't have a Lincoln to description of this podcast episode two yearbooks. My listeners can get over there and check it out and one of the things octa Siegel is we get so many different we this is the age of technology you get information fastest way possible. But now it just seems like everything is conflicting. This seems to be political in some points. It seems like we're getting conflicting stories about masks vaccine, which way. Do what would you say other than reading your book here? What would you say is the best piece of advice you could give a to families about how to go about their life here with the corona virus don't rely on Dogma who's ever telling you. It's this way or the highway. It's dogma rely on the fact that this is an evolving situation and we're learning day to day beware of the Dogma beware of the ridicule. B Be. The divisiveness we're in terrible time. Now of division, it's not just the virus that makes us afraid. It's our leaders. It's each other. I would say that kindness piece that I was talking about kindnesses secure for fear and it's a cure for dogma learn as we go rely be happy for the technology. We have the technology that allows us to to have this to have this sky skype call with with. A great host, the technology that allows us to have online learning if necessary technology that's leading to tremendous cures at a rate of speed for a brand new deadly virus. But the old fashioned things we need are carrying an accepting each other do not do not ridicule someone for disagreeing with you try to learn what their site is an incorporated into your own well said that may tie right over into my. Last question here I love to ask all the data to get on the podcast. What type of advice do you have that new dad or for that about to be father WHO's out there listening? So speaking of fear you're going to be afraid you're going to be afraid when you're in new debt as I was about loss of love from your new spouse, you're not ready for this, but your spouse is. Going to divert affection to the child and what you need to do, and this is so important for fathers out there. That's how you learn to be a father to understand that you can love that child to the way the mother is equal to the mother I like to say I'm I. Don't think this came from me but I like to say what percentage of a of a parent should I be? And the answer is each parent is one hundred percent. Each is one hundred, percent ninety, just fifty percent. Each is one hundred percent you act as a father the mother's not there the mother actors though you're not there and the child gets twice the amount of love do not be Joseph your newborn. That's my biggest lesson that I learned from my life. Yeah. Well, very well said I love the advice just been an honor for me I gotTa say Dr Mark Sceviour, I last father all the way. Thank you so much of. Time here on first-class Fatherhood you're a great guy and you have a great podcast. Thank you for joining me an honor. Thank you..

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