John O'Neill: Stalin Started Bioweapons Lab, Still Existent Today


What the book does is it starts with the real way this came about is Stalin started with literary poisoning He started with secret poisoning using anthrax and he would target individual people and kill them And he thought this was such a great thing He started a huge bioweapons facility still in operation Today under food at saratov and the Soviet Union west of east of Moscow and another one in kattenburg and in the urals These both leaked just described in the book The one of you Chapman killed over a thousand people and they blamed it on tainted meat If that sounds familiar those bioweapons labs expanded into China And in the Putin period Putin has lighted them all off again So they're in full operation Of course as the book describes in 1977 China was involved in developing a vaccine to a flu that existed only in its own lab And that leaked and what worldwide I had the 1977 flu And it was pretty much what is very likely to have happened again in Wuhan China in 2019 You're a great lawyer I start off with the idea sort of rest it's a lot of which are the same speaks for itself When you have a terrible virus that exists nowhere at all in nature and it appears right on the doorstep of a bio war lab that counts for me for a lot And then the Chinese killed the Doctor Who actually discovered it after charging with revealing state secrets Destroyed all the records as a lawyer when I get a guide destroying all the records I understand that That means that the evidence they contain is still bad that even the fact of destruction is not as bad as what you've learned from them And so we cover the Wuhan lab in the book

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