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Actual Jason Yes searched. We'll give you. The walls became spring. I knew and then claw your face off holding rast talking with. Aw thank you Low rapid rapid's fans my name is Matt Pollard. And you're listening to holding the high line with Rabbi read brought to you by roughneck scarves and acres. FC It is currently only Sunday February ninth. Twenty twenty This past Wednesday. I was lucky enough to attend the Colorado Rush. USSL leaked to announcement in Lone Tree Colorado. So I had a couple of really good conversations with people got some good audio and I figured it would be worth sharing it with all of you. Some of you might be really interested and others not so much so it really made sense for us the podcast to make an episode special about it rather than featuring it in other episodes over the course of a couple of weeks on. So if you WANNA learn more about Colorado's newest ESL team And how will exist within the Colorado soccer ecosystem. This episode is absolutely for You. The audio quality in this episode isn't super great by our standards. Do Apologize on. The event was hosted at a place called Bolero. It's an arcade. Ah Bowling Alley establishment which is Super Fund but also comes with a lot of ambient noise which is not conducive to recording high quality. That was really personable interview content. I did my best to do some editing in post You will hear the press conference at the club put up. They also have tax to their twitter. Page right now as well as my conversations with head coach Joe Webb goalkeeper Cooper Erickson. The first player signed in Russia's US elite elite to History Debris Synopsis Colorado Rush started in the nineteen nineties and they were merger between two existing clubs in the Denver area on Tom. Out a network of programs and affiliates throughout the state country and stuff international teams as well You might remember listeners that you saw Li Chu is actually rebrand or the formation of the US PD l.. The player Development League of which the Colorado rapids feel that. They're twenty three team. In until the end of the twenty eighteen season on the Russia looking to provide a final step to bridge their existing infrastructure with a Hashtag path to professional on and then certainly provide that to fill in that gap for not only in Russia but also local college soccer players and by the rules asbestos is explained to me Listeners Colorado rapids academy players are eligible to play in the league to so potentially we could see some rapids academy players also play with rush as well even though the rush are definitely emphasizing providing opportunities for their own former players who are playing college soccer right now. The first game will be played on May fifteenth of this year. You're on the League. To regular season consists of seven home games and seven away games and then there's four single-game rounds of playoffs up to and including the US L. leak to final. The restaurant really sure where they're playing their home games yet. But they've got some irons in the fire and almost probably in the South Denver. Area Tom if you want more information as they get closer season Goto. USSL league to add up spelled out not the number so TWA DOT COM morphology rush on twitter at C. O.. Rush pro.

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