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Welcome to haunted places apart cast original I'm Greg Poulsen. Every Thursday I take you to the scariest serious te most haunted real places on earth. You can find all episodes of haunted places for free on spotify. And every Tuesday make sure to check out urban legends. These special episodes of haunted places are available exclusively on spotify. This week join me on a supernatural journey to India's Shani Wata an early eighteenth century fortified palace built to house some of the Murata. Empire's greatest warriors and discover why to this. Day. It's Coming up, we'll begin our journey into the historic fort. A. On the western side of the Indian subcontinent, there is a city called Puna with an estimated population of seven million people. It's the eighth largest population center in India. As the informational technology capital of the country known as the Oxford of the East due to many universities and technical schools scattered throughout the city. At the near center of the city on the Bank of the Muto River is a majestic eighteenth century fort called Shawnee war water. was home to some of India's greatest warriors and politicians as well as some of its most dangerous betrayals. The death and destruction tied to the fort has left behind shadows Phantom pushes and pulls and disembodied voices crying out for help. These spirits are the last remnants of the Fort's storied history as a series of fires have ravaged the building itself. In order to understand the loss experienced by both these spirits and the culture they came from one has to die far back into Indian history. If South Asia can be defined by anyone conflict. It's the region's ongoing religious wars between Hindus and Muslims long before the British and Portuguese arrived and exacerbated these problems the countries we now know as India and Pakistan were divided into smaller kingdoms who fought for religious and cultural dominance. During, most of the eighteenth century, the Indian subcontinent was dominated by the Mughal empire. Muslim. With its origins in modern day, bekker's can. In seventeen twenty the head of the Murata Empire appointed a twenty year old warrior named Bagio belong to succeed his father in the role of prime minister or pay Schwa-. Balji raw was determined to fight his way from Poona to Delhi in order to expel the moguls and claim all of the Indian Subcontinent Taza State. It. Is Nineteen Year career as a PATUA. He never lost a battle. As, his grew so did the power of the Pay Schwab US eventually superseding kings they were expected to serve in terms of power and influence. Ten years into his campaign to expand the Miranda Empire. Mogae row began building a seven story fortified palace called SCHONE WAR WADA or Saturday fort in seventeen thirty it was completed in seventeen thirty two and would serve as the seat of the patients power until European imperial powers forced them into decline when he wasn't in the field Balji row stayed with his wife, Kashi Pie and their sons at Shawnee War Wada the garden. So the Ford provided an idyllic place for children to play and the many halls of the palace were lot in the region for their decor. This included both intricate teak finishing San wall-paintings of the Ramona and the Mahabharata it is at this point that the historical record gets controversial. Body row married Mustang any the daughter of the Rajput King Shot Sal and his Persian Muslim concubine. Unheard of for both Hindu and Muslim rulers to take multiple wives. However. mustangs ties, Islam Islam, and the lack of official approval from both body Rows Family Yen Kashi by presented personal and political issues. Some claim that the marriage was a political match meant to thank podgy raw for saving the Rajput Kingdom. But legend has it that body route fell in love with the princess after she broke into his tent in men's clothing to ask him for military aid. The story says that podgy row gave Donnie a dagger perhaps not realizing that doing so was a sign of marriage in Rajput Culture. Whatever the truth was? Followed her new husband Ashani Wada or she faced a chilly reception from her new in laws. Macci rows mother and brother refused to acknowledge her and body row ended up having to build a separate residents for her. Believe it or not. This period was in many ways the most peaceful era and Shinawatra's domestic history. Kashi was shy but her husband podgy row told her he liked her that way. It was as though they had a secret world, all their own. No one got to see the playful side if his wife but him no one else would know her talent at weaving beautiful stories. Life was hard when he was away 'cause she would practice her dancing at your crafts. She would gossip with her sisters and help her mother-in-law. But generally, all was quiet until Baiji. Ron returned when they reunited he would sweep her up in hugs and kisses and senator giggling around their apartments with Choi. Then, he went away again and after a while. She began to see things. Warriors bathed in blood headless children women covered in Ash at screaming. They walked the halls of the WADA wailing without sound before disappearing again. Abelson nervy better husbands conquests were necessarily bloody. Kashi was a practical woman, their steps she could take to the spirits to rest, but she would need her husband's participation. Kasey rehearsed what she would say about. How she would sound rational like someone who should be believed and helped. But before she could seek assistance, he returned with another wife. Must Donnie was a beautiful Rosh peut princess and a warrior herself if the rumors were true. But was shy, how could she compete? She met her mother-in-law do the talking her husband's family directed enough poison astonished to kill a Cobra while Kashi steeled yourself for a difficult conversation with her husband. She told botchy round that she didn't mindless tiny. She was a kind girl if almost stubbornly naive thinking her mother-in-law except her but it was the spirits, the boots that worried her. She tried to methods provided by the priests she invoked Lord Krishna and Ganesh CI Burnt Turmeric and left out steel and iron and water goes supposed fear all of them. But the spirits didn't seem troubled sometimes even appeared in the small fountains around the compound Kashi wondered aloud at the problem was that the spirits were Muslim perhaps their gods were not as helpful to nonbelievers Balji around laughed at her and Copter Cheek. funnily, the arrival of his warrior wife had clearly upset her more than she would admit Kashi stamped her foot he wasn't listening to her if Must Donnie made her husband happy she could bear it but she couldn't bear these spirits wandering through the house they would frighten their son's. Balji route asked if their sons had seen the coasts 'cause she admitted that.

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