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WBZ news time twelve. Forty eight traffic and weather together on, the eights here's voter an Edens outbound just nineteen out to lake cook the inbound side twenty three. Minutes from lake cook into the junction oh look out for the, new road layout on the Edens spur. Between the Edens mainline in the Waukegan toll plaza worked down to, just one lane both directions through the end of. Two thousand nineteen on the Kennedy outbound nineteen to Montrose thirty two minutes out to O'Hare the express lanes moving. Up on we'll save you a couple of minutes inbound Kennedy thirty-three from O'Hare eighteen and from the junction is now outbound slow from Cicero first avenue it's. Thirty two minutes out to three ninety forty from route three nine hundred. Twenty two in for Mannheim Stevens northbound thirty out to the tri-state forty minutes onto three fifty five inbound heavy from the tri-state the first avenue then again from the Ryan the lake shore drive with roadwork blocking the right lane. Of the ranch northbound drive it's forty. One minutes from three fifty five in thirty one from the, tri-state the Dan Ryan up eighteen from downtown and. Ninety five twenty one minutes ninety fifth back in no worries on I fifty seven outer in the Bishop Ford also all clear outbound and inbound at fifteen minutes between eighty. And the Dan Ryan lakeshore drive northbound. Slow through grand park southbound from the Chicago avenue delays through. Grand park as well All right lane blocked between Roosevelt for clues until next week still. Have a crash northbound on the Tri state tollway have you from, the Lincoln oasis to pass the three-car. Crash in the left lane there then you're slow on the ramp, to ninety and from Bentonville bridged about moral the. Southbound side slow from ninety the Bentonville bridge get traffic and weather together on the it's every ten minutes on. News Radio seven eighty five point nine FM mostly cloudy a passing shower around the area today a high temperature seventy nine and chapter or two overnight with. Sixty three degrees it's seventy nine right now at o.'hare seventy five at. The lakefront Wall Street, the Dow up one hundred sixty three points NASDAQ up fifty seven SNP up eighteen oil today is down almost one and a half percent WBZ news time twelve.

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