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I mean, this is like the best season of apprentice ever. Are you political? I'm political enough. I have opinions and I don't hold back no matter who I'm in front of when I'm performing. My political satirist, no, but I do have opinions and I'm liberal fucking say it and I'll say it again. I'll listen to other people's opinions and whatever, but. Yeah, I'll get up there and say things because like you. Now you headline as well. But like you know, sometimes I get in the comedy store bubble, and I think there's nothing outside the com- which there is. I mean, the improv great club laugh factory Paris. And yeah, there's a lot of there's a lot of things outside the common one hundred percent. That's why I always tell, you know, everyone wants to get past the store just like, so he had him on the Stanley Cup, but there's other Hockey League right. So that's why I always tell younger comics or even older coms like everyone wants to get the store or dude the ice house, or you know. But the stores that's a twenty five minute drive down the freeway of death. That one ten. I remember the first time I took that freeway sweating. I was like, why did someone just put me in NASCAR? I was just like, good God. There's always traffic, yeah, but that that freeway people go really fast and then it's such an old freeway that people are entering at five miles per hour. You know how they have the entrances exits. So it's like it's kind of a death sentence. It's just kind of survival of the fittest that freeway herald. The game in jer- says, herald Tursi yes, I looked late thirties, thank you herald. Not getting in these. I love you. Harold girls the best. We have so many. It's what I kind of miss about the store. You know now it's it's a machine. And it's never been better, but back when herald was managing more looser. In terms of the wacky nece. Yeah. I miss those days. There was a time where it was just again, anything really went. That's not many crowds. I was there. I was there the night, Joe Rogan and. Carlos Mencia. Were you in the room? I was in. I was in the hallway. I'm always standing there when someone goes and hit someone or I'm always that one person who standing there who's really uncomfortable because I don't know how to handle it. And I was standing in the hallway, speaking of it was midnight, and I was talking to Sergio love me book here to see shows. So we were standing there and we're out of this conversation and then I could hear I could hear Joe Rogan, and then I heard Carlson is I knew they always avoided each other. They would each go into the different room and I knew they disliked each other and they would avoid each other. And then I heard them both come from the are at the same time and I turn to surgery. Do you hear that? And he said, yeah, and I go, oh my God. I think that's Carlos and Joe onstage and I think someone's going to die. Someone's going to die tonight. People realize that night car. Follows had like a, I don't say gang, but he had his posse of sword. Yeah. And you know, Joe didn't, jello, doesn't really. I think with him, Joe. Does your physically these guys were when I understand I wasn't there, but like they were bigger dudes member seeing any of those guys. I just remember Ari should fear getting on stage auto. So like everyone was just kind of ganging up on Carlson well-deserved because he was a joke Steeler. Yeah. And when even when he would come into the room and he'd watched me, I was like a better not do my strikes in like, I'm sitting here thinking, you know, he's gonna get up there and talk about how he's a Jew from Oklahoma. I was just like, just keep all just do improv work with crowd work crab work crowd work. That's what she just did when he walked into the room because he was in the back, right and shit down just was uncomfortable. But yeah, joke just called him straight out. I thought since he knew jujitsu and that he was, I thought this is it. Scummy one punch to the neck..

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