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If you've got any other text line saved as kfta you need to change it to this number. You don't have to resubscribe anything like that. Even if you're new you just have to text to that number And i'll get your thoughts out. They let me know which one you do. Listen to if you do listen to him and Let's bring in our producer angel. Let's introduce him here. You true crime podcast fan. I am not no no like crime shows and documentaries. I enjoy those okay but you. You haven't gotten into the podcast not yet. Yeah and that's so what's like ncis and stuff like that or what. Are you talking like realistic. Like dateline stuff. I like the realistic stuff Me and my little sister. When i was visiting we got into law and order. Okay so i kind of like that. Yeah no i. I love every cop show. There is out there but this i mean. I'm sure you know people that listen to true kind practice right. I mean this is huge. Yeah it's it's just blowing up and the reason we were. We were having a angel having this discussion pre show. This i mean there was so much social media Following an information coming out about the gabby petito case. I mean it was insane. That's actually where i first heard about. It was via instagram. Before this picked up was picked up by any mainstream media in there such a crazy about it right now. People are wanting to go out there and try and solve these things There's a great new show out on hulu. Only murders in the building. Steve martin martin short and selena gomez. It's a fantastic show comes out every tuesday. I missed last episodes. no spoilers. Don't be calling me any spoilers but this craze about true crime. Podcast how you know how people are going missing. And what's the end result of this. Is this a good thing or is this a bad thing i think is somebody somebody as well as this leading to two more murders like are going to start seeing that where people are going now and and committing these murders. Doing a podcast. I certainly hope not. I don't think that's gonna be but there's definitely an effect from it and the effect is there's gonna be certain cases that blow up and you know let's let's dive right in here and we've heard i've heard arguments angels heard arguments like. Oh well the only reason that this is getting so much attention because it's a white woman that it just stopped with that. Golly that that pisses me off worse than a than anything it's like they're only care because she's white.

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