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Annan lesmos we saw people running for their lives just trying to protect their children in a rubber boats with fake life preservers now those aren't actually real life preservers if you wear them they don't protect you you drown and people dying every single day and no support from v system so theoretically people would think you know there should be the un there or the eu or somebody nobody was there there were volunteers from around europe in the world sort of college kids are trying to do their best but there was no structural support and these are war refugees these are people who lost their homes their place of business their family their healthcare are times towns have been flattened they deserve some sort of protection and they're receiving absolutely nothing and all they want to do is be safe so that's a i said i have to do something about this you know for your first reaction is someone should do something about this and you look around and then there really isn't any one and then you sort of say well okay i'll do it and that's become a sort of a fulltime thing now since and when i way way went to less bus he was also sparked to get involved in this and this space can you talk a little bit about that and your journey of making this film with him it true absolutely i think way with some experience when he first went to less forces quite similar to our minutes in the sense where we came to germany from china in the fall of two thousand fifteen he had just been under house arrest for three years in china answer when he arrived in europe you know.

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