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Welcome to the Paul finebaum show. How you to go, hey, man, I'm good. I got Donald Staley right behind us talking a little women's hoops. One of the legends we're going to have Holly Warlick and a bunch of the coaches on here little bit later. So life is good man. I wanted to get your opinion on the Heisman since everybody seems to be talking about that and read a lot about it, and I was interested in knowing that your, what's your take on what constitutes Heisman moment. And Secondly, plus, you know, success on the road to the Heisman because I'm afraid and I don't know how you feel about it. I'm afraid to and plan the Dominican is chances. I'll hang up and listen to you. Well, I, I think the thing to Harry, Greg, Greg, great phone call. I think there's four people that are involved in the Heisman, Trophy race right now, right? To sits there in the cat bird seed, you have Dwayne Haskins a quarterback over at Ohio State. I don't think there's a doubt still Cuyler Murray. I'm not. I'm not counting him out because if they run the table and re in face, Texas, again in the big twelve championship, he's going to be able to put up some numbers as well. And also the kid that Memphis. Is going to play this week, Darrow Henderson the running back. He's not going to get a lot of love nationally, but this kid leads FBI in rushing right now averages like eleven yards a carry. I Darryl Henderson in there as well to your question about too. That's why I think it's intriguing of how Nick handles to this week against Tennessee. I frankly, I'd call the Vatican and get the pope mobile and put two in the pope mobile for the rest of the ranger the season, right. I mean that good. I think the only way that any team really kind of gives them a run for their money as far as national championship level is too is not one hundred percent, correct. I wouldn't play to a personally now a lot of people this week against Tennessee. Now a lot of people are saying, well, now you're talking about three weeks what he wouldn't play or tickets nap until the LSU game because he was off this week. They play in the know have a buy week before they go down to Baton Rouge. And of the third. If you do play too, I likened it to win you play Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton. In the second game of a preseason game, you're running max, protect your a little bit short. Her pop passes and you're not getting him out to where he's running the ball a lot. Will it hurt him playing in the fourth, not play in the fourth quarter hail? No, you know the why the reason why is because the numbers that he's putting up, if they continue to be that good, they'll be Heisman, Trophy award, winning numbers. So to again, still in the catbird seat and that moment could be down there on November. Third against LSU, you put a big win against the top five team in the country with that defensive, Dave Aranda. Welcome to one of the Heisman to more your phone calls and we'll have a lot more of interviews coming up. You can hit me up on Twitter at Peter burns ESP in. That's the tweets sitting in for the Paul finebaum show. We are here at SEC women's media's day. We'll have coach Joe vol, miss joining us here in a little bit Nell. Fortner and anti Landers join us as well. Your phone calls and tweets coming up. Next Cepal finebaum show listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast that's SEC women's basketball tip off of the grand bohemian. It's time.

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