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Where am i and then it would be like exclusive are but the thing with oetzi is like obviously there's no like subscription service is really good for basis for starting store but there are some things that are noticeably missing that would be really fucking first of all when you're making maybe this is helpful i got a lot of questions people want us to talk about like oetzi store and like how to start stuff and that's kind of something i wanted to talk about today a little bit it's been on my mind but like one of the things that does suck about it is so i'm making you know a decent portion of my work is going into digital downloads right now for phone backgrounds right and i want to expand that to different types of digital downloads whatever but you can't have kuzma's ation for that so say for example if someone wanted to buy like a print for their phone like a digital download i couldn't have dropped out many that was like oh you want the month of june that's what when you look at shop rv d you see one for iphone and one for android because you know when you go and you buy somebody's like i don't know you buy fucking ring and like there's like twenty different stones you can have inside the ring or whatever like usually that person draw the trump down comments or something like but usually there's a drop down they don't let you do that for digital stuff which is really stupid and why we have to listen the way that you do you know so it would be there would be like a listening that was just like whatever i'd name the subscription service like shop beauties calendar subscription twenty nineteen and it's one listing and you buy that by the year up front and then every month the email that you use to buy that subscription i send you a personal email with the image and then like a little blurb about like why picked that particular art and it would also like the reason why i wanna do is one it'd be fun it would just be fun to it would push me to make art that's just for like one specific.

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