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He started to really hate tamar and was ali. You need to beat it. Sis tomorrow was all like no fucking way you know. This society does what this society does to women who aren't virgins before being married so amnon could give a fuck and was all like security. Come get tomorrow out of my room and make sure to lock the door behind her. We find out now. That tomorrow was wearing a robe that was really fancy and design to only be worn by virgins. When she was all alone she started to cry really badly and while she was crying she was pouring ashes on top of the head and tearing off her fancy robe piece by piece. Oh yeah tamar and amnon brother. Absalom overheard tamar crying and went over to her. Like did am not do this to you. can any says. Don't say anything to anybody. Okay who said that tomorrow told upsilon debt. Absalon told tomorrow that your food josh. That josh and then he says it's not that bad. Oh after that tomorrow moves in with app salaam but is engaged and depressed when david heard about all this he was living turns out azlan. Hated amnon for what he did to tamar but never confronted not about what had happened either some like family. Yeah it's a two years go by at this point and aslam decides to throw a huge sheep shearing party any invited his father david along with all his brothers to attend when absalom seized david. He's like hey pops. I invited some professional woodcutters for the party tonight. You're going to be there. They was all. I wish i could fam- but your brothers and my old would just get in the way so absalon acted disappointed and was all like. Oh that's too bad. Just make sure amnon shows up. Okay so david looked puzzled and was like okay but why am not they. Meet this big grill over here. I mean It's more like a stabbing party now. So absalon reassures david and davidson All his sons including onto the party cut to the party room before it started in absalom is talking to all of his servants. Like listen up. Let's wait for amnon to get good and trump. And when i give a signal everyone kill amnon right away. Ooh he said that his survey before the party was started. Absalon said that. Yeah who wants the assassination popped off. Whoa all the other brothers ran away. We're got back to david but the message sounded like absalon had killed all of david sons. Oh david in. The service servants nationally tore off all their clothes and started bawling ways. David thanks all his sightless under dead except for absolute okay. So just then jonah dab interjects to let david know that it was only amnon that was murdered and that everyone else was safe. We find out now. That aslam also bounced after executing amnon. So everybody's like all the sons are. Okay okay all right got it. So after a while a watchman in the tower of the city of david spotted all the brothers except epsilon on the side of a hill in the direction of a place called whole nine. Okay once they were all reunited. They were super sad and everyone was crying. Everything started to feel balanced again but david wept a long time over losing his son amnon. End of chapter fate black now. His david know that i'll what happened. He don't know in chapter thirteen. Sorry okay yeah so let's see here. Fund bible facts in the book the cry of tamar violence against women and the church's response The piscopo priest pamela cooper white argues that tamar story has a direct message for the church in its response to violence against women and children the narrative. Tomorrow's rape at the hands of her half brother is told with a focus that emphasizes the male roles in the story. Yeah david amnon and absalom. Even the poignancy of tomorrow's humiliation is drawn out for the primary purpose of justifying avalon's later murder of amnon. And not for its own sake. That's what she says in her book. Yeah by the time we get to second samuel chapter twenty one. It will be god's eighty third killing of humans. Wow eighty third so either. He's killed a single human or he's like helped to the genocide or whatever.

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