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Curry. They've come back to run okay. Chad summers has champagne poetry. Remember Chad summers? Mind that biscuits, mind you know, mind your biscuits, fame. Well, he's got one in here champagne poetry, who just missed by a nose in the ruthless last time out and draws into post 9. Jonathan Thomas Barnes seems like it's heating up here as of late, and he's got Katie for August and stable, who was a nice maiden breaker at Gulfstream over the synthetic. Last time out Graham motion sends out Vergara, it's a full field of 12, but Vergara was a winner on turf and the tepid steaks last time out. Well I actually think it's kind of interesting in here if she takes the synthetic, but the bourbon head oaks is a doozy. And I think the ruby steaks is a bit of a doozy too, right? It's a big field. It's a pretty competitive field. It seems like a lot of horses are pretty well bunched. You have tawny port coming back who was I don't want to say was really impressive in the debut was good enough in the second star, which was the first time it gets winners and then got beat by 7 and a half in the risen star, but that was first time on dirt, first time graded stakes and lost epicenter who's pretty good. And there isn't star has been pretty touted as a big race. And so I got to think that tawny port is worth a look in here. Many Franco rides of time. I was talking to somebody the other day and they were saying that Manny's been pretty cold. I haven't been watching. I don't pay attention a ton to riders. I don't want people to get mad at me when I say that. But I'm always more interested in a cold rider than a hot rider just because the hot rider, you know, are they making great decisions all the time? Yeah, I'm sure they're I used to think that that was kind of malarkey, like in the sense that, you know, oh, so and so she's hitting on all soldiers now. I'm like, well, yeah, but he usually riding live horses and, you know, whatever. But I guess it's like anything, right? Like a baseball player. That's a cold streak hitting. You know, they start pressing, they start making bad decisions. They start thinking too much. And I got to think in jockeying as much as of course you want to be a thinking man's rider thinking women's rider. I would think that a lot of it is feel, even though you obviously have a plan. But that same as baseball, you have a plan going into the batter's box. You know, I have days Colin races where it's just not in sync, like everything's just kind of not right there. And it's a weird thing to have happen. And like for me, I remember I made a mistake at colonial, I guess it would have been two years ago. I just thought the horse on the inside was somebody else called the wrong horse, which I'm happy to say has been a rare thing in my career. I'm pretty good about that stuff. But I remember afterwards, what it did to me. And I've had it happen a few times since then, we're not where I called the wrong horse but where I maybe said the name wrong or called an 8 wrong name. What it does to you in the immediate aftermath is you start second guessing yourself. Because when you're calling a race, you're relying on your memorization. You don't want to be looking at the program. And so once you have the wrong name in your brain, you're kind of screwed because you're really not going back to the program. But just getting at with the rider thing, you know, if things are not going your way, and you start overthinking things, I think that's where you can make mistakes, and it's true with baseball store with an ounce is true with a lot of things in life. You know, when you're in something that is very fast paced, something that's quick requires a lot of feel and skill. You don't want to be cold. Going into something like that, for sure. Tis the bomb who was the winner of the Patagonia, which is of course the big local prep. Now that was his first start on synthetic. I didn't think I mean, it stolen base was right there with him. And obviously stolen base deserves some attention in this race as well. I didn't love that race as a whole. And so I'm kind of more intrigued to look around at some other horses. You know, rich strike was fourth behind those horses. They kind of got the jump on him. A little bit, maybe that's something to look at. I don't know. Royal spirit from the inside is a little bit interesting to me just because drawn on the rail and figures to be close up. Turfway is a course where if it's not if you're not going good on the inside, it just gets terrible to be on the inside and be on the lead. So that's where I think watching those early races is going to play important for people as they bet on these later ones. Random horse that was at Tampa a couple starts to go off to go go it was a nice turf winner at Tampa. But then they went out to San Anita for the Pasadena and got beat pretty good and now show up here. This seems like a very strange entry for opti Gogo. Ray handel has constitutional lawyer and who was we talked with ray a couple weeks ago. He'd kind of said they wanted to be on lead. They just couldn't quite keep up and then drop back, but he obviously still has some faith in this horse. Interesting that they show up in this race on the synthetic and then black adder is the first I guess of the recently shipped out baffert horses to run back, right? We haven't seen any of the other ones. I don't think yet. I mean, that's just all happened a few days ago, but real per se will train this one. Won the el Camino real Derby.

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